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OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: NWO Pyro-terrorists Geoengineering Massive Firestorms, Triggering Wildfires with DEWs (Photos)

They are literally burning down the
state of California—WHO & WHY? 

State of the Nation

Democrat Leadership Not Even Talking About Firestorms
Occurring Statewide, Governor Newsom Using Covid-19
Chaos as Cover and Campaign Season Turmoil to Steal
Any and Every Election They Can in California to Advance
the Ongoing Communist Takeover and Covertly Transfer
Sovereignty to the United Nations

It’s of paramount importance to properly understand the current political context: the Democrat Party practically owns and operates the entire state of California.  After decades of getting away with election theft, election fraud, and election rigging, most counties and cities are also controlled by Democrat leadership.

This is why the once Golden State is now notoriously known as the Charcoal State.  Many years of extremely corrupt Democrat administrations squatting in Sacramento have set up the statewide religion of Global Warming & Climate Change.  Toward that end, the Democrat preachers, starting with Global Warming evangelist Al Gore, have been converting residents from San Diego to Redding to The Church of Climatology.  That is, to The [APOCRYPHAL] Church of Climatology.

California Epicenter of Global Psyop

Because California is home to both Hollywood and Big Tech, the state was selected as the focal point for all religions that worship fake environmentalism.  In this way, the Motion Picture and TV Production Industries could be used to beam out the climate change sermons across America as well as around the whole world.

Likewise, the Sultans of Silicon Valley were easily recruited to advance the same deceitful enterprise.  Big Tech and Big Social Media were then employed to hugely promote the global warming doomsday scenario; as well as censor any content producers who were considered heretics.  All the major social media utilities reflexively provide massive platforms for anyone who delivers the “fire and brimstone” Global Warming sermons.  Conversely, any science-based climate researcher is deplatformed faster than a wildfire blows through the Southern California dry brush.

What’s the critical point?

Whatever happens in California makes a deep impression on the entire planetary civilization.

After all, California has always been about drama on a grand scale; hence, the New World Order globalist cabal locked the place down eons ago in anticipation of forming a One World Government.  The explicit justification for establishing global governance is the manufactured worldwide threat of Climate Change—the prophesied (by Al Gore & Company) destroyer of the biosphere (humanity cannot live without the live-giving biosphere).

Do you see how they did it?

Do you see how they have been running this climate change scam on humanity every single second of every day for many years now?

KEY POINT: No one is saying that the climate has not been changing—things are always changing, for better or for worse.  However, the NWO globalist have been utilizing exceedingly powerful chemical geoengineering techniques to include chemtrail aerosols, as well as HARRP-disseminated frequencies from satellites, naval ships, airplanes and highly advanced drones, to manufacture the never-ending FIREGEDDON in California.

Given that California’s celebrity society is domiciled all over the Charcoal State, and that the Sultans of Silicon Valley and their countless highly paid minions reside in Northern California, it’s easy for them to amplify their climate change sermons full of fiery fulminations so that the world community of nations hears it all loud and clear.

You know the old saying: “When the USA catches a cold, the rest of the world comes down with pneumonia.”

Similarly, when it’s sizzling hot in the states as it is this summer of 2020, the rest of the planet will hear about it… … … especially when the fifth largest economy on the planet has been put in such great jeopardy via such destructive and unrelenting pyro-terrorism.

Now you know why the geoterrorists are presently perpetrating so many transparent acts of pyro-terrorism up and down the state of California.  And, why the Democrat-controlled governments aren’t even talking about it.  Remember, the California wildfires take place like clockwork during two predictable seasons every year.  Therefore, all the pyro-terrorists have to do is utilize the hot season as a means to trigger one conflagration after another while the geoengineers whip up the Santa Ana winds to spread the manmade infernos faster than … … … wildfire.

And so they did!  This August.

Do you get the picture?

The globalist-directed Democrat Party is perfidiously using their Charcoal State as an ongoing advertisement for the NWO Climate Change agenda where weather warfare and climate manipulation are systematically used to manufacture consent.  The more that nations everywhere are regularly assaulted by extreme weather events and catastrophic climate fluctuations, the more they are softened up to accept a One World Government to manage the ensuing cataclysms.


Exactly how are the geoengineers fabricating an extremely conducive environment throughout the state of California to both trigger and inflame these enormous and fast-moving firestorms?  This is how:

Spraying Atmospheric Aluminum as a
Fire Accelerant via Chemtrails,
HAARP Frequencies,

Weaponized SMART Meters,
Specific EMFs Disseminated from
Cellphone and Microwave Towers,
 Localized 5G EMPs, 
Directed Energy Weapons Fired from Drones,
Satellites, Air Force Aircraft and Naval Ships,  

Arsonists Disguised as Firefighters,
Fire-starting Incendiary Devices,

Gross Mismanagement of California Forests,
Deliberately Overloaded PG&E Power Lines,
as well as Other Arson Techniques,
Geoengineering Technologies and
Weather Modification Programs

Hard Evidence Proving Wildfires Started by Arsonists

As for the rolling blackouts that are predictably being carried out with increasing frequency, as always these paralyzing machinations are being perpetrated with highly purposeful design.

In point of fact, there is now a well-established pattern whereby the state government is further terrorizing the residents by shutting off their power when they need it the most. Otherwise, how are the powerless people going to monitor the firestorms in their immediate area and acquire the necessary information about life-saving escape routes.

This odious scheme of intentionally disempowering the residents has been well documented, except that very few folks know about it.  Given the severity of the 2020 wildfire seasons, the following CA government MO ought to be disseminated far and wide.

CA POWER SHUTDOWNS: “First they predict the fires, then turn off the power, then start the fires, next they spread the fires….”

A scan of the mainstream media reports published over the course of August about the catastrophic California firestorms clearly indicates that the perpetrators are going all out to fearmonger both state and country.  As follows:

Deadly California wildfires scorch more than 1 million acres with no end in sight

“Bay Area Wildfire Now Second Largest Blaze In State History”

California battles nearly 560 fires as it braces for more

Then there is this exposé that explains why the environmental movement was used to set up this highly combustible predicament in the first place.

You know, you’ve really gotta Hand-it to the Environmentalists; Almost everything they sued to protect is now burned and dead in California

California 2020 & the UN Agendas

The main UN agendas, which are being stealthly implemented in the background of the California firestorms, concern Agenda 21 and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Clearly, the globalists are exceedingly deliberate about methodically undermining the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the United States of America, especially where it concerns California.  Because of how prominently configured California is within the 50 states, it has been ruthlessly and relentlessly targeted by the globalists and their geoengineer henchmen.  They NWO cabal knew that if they could [DRAMATICALLY] take down the fifth largest economy in the world, they could eventually take over the whole country.  (All the globalists need to do is point to the Charcoal State as a threat to any state that refuses to comply with the UN agendas)

The crucial point here is that by irreparably destroying the once great state of California, the globalists will use the same model to subjugate the other 49 states.  The traitors within are hellbent on transfering American sovereignty to the United Nations as a prelude to forming their planned One World GovernmentThe Powers That Be know that the U.S. poses the single greatest impediment to the formation of such a global totalitarian superstate.  Hence, the NWO perps are not only burning down California one wildfire season after another, they also pushed the button on OPERATION COVID-19.

OPERATION COVID-19: What Everyone Needs to Know


Pyro-terrorism isn’t the only thing that Californians need to be concerned about.

It’s essential to comprehend that the U.S. government does in fact possess the technology to trigger earthquakes and volcanoes. See: SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH PAPER: Super Energy Weapons Triggering Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Other Earth Movements

Hence, the geoengineers are also hard at work perfecting their earthquake-triggering weapons.  There has been a LOT of buzz in the media about the many earthquake swarms during 2020 which are undoubtedly a precursor to the “Big One”.  Those swarms are being triggered just as all the other chaos and mayhem is throughout the USA during this highly consequential election cycle.

In light of this stark reality, the following exposé ought to be considered very seriously, especially by those Californians who live anywhere near either the San Andreas Fault or Hayward Fault Zone.

Are the California earthquakes being geoengineered by the NWO globalists to implement U.N. Agendas 21 and 2030?

Bottom Line: HUGE and devastating arson fires have been used forever by The Powers That Be to terrorize a targeted nation or city.  What better way is there to scare the bejesus out of everyone watching this meticulously choreograph NWO sh*tshow.  Even if you don’t live in California, the preceding FIREGEDDON photos and nightly news footage are scary enough to prevent anyone from visiting there, or moving anywhere near the Charcoal State.  And, that’s just the way the communists who run Kalifornia want it.

State of the Nation
August 24, 2020