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“Chemtrails Must Be Stopped

~ Cosmic Convergence Research Group


There is no greater ongoing global catastrophe than the current geoengineering regime that envelops Planet Earth.  This government-sponsored, corporate-driven program has many components, the most dangerous being Chemtrails and HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)[1].  Although this worldwide atmospheric initiative has been implemented for decades, geoengineering has recently seen a dramatic uptick in both the frequency and intensity of its various operations.

It has been proven with scientific certainty that the geoengineering operations which utilize chemtrails and/or HAARP have extremely destructive effects on the planetary environment.  Most of these deleterious outcomes occur in the form of vast and unseen unintended consequences.  They eventually appear in the form of profound collateral damage to the ecosystems of the world, as well as adverse and toxic side effects to human, animal and plant life.

As chemtrail formulations in particular become more threatening to human health, it is now imperative that humanity as a whole wake up to these relentless chemical assaults. Failure to address these reckless, misguided and invasive endeavors, which are surreptitiously undertaken throughout the skies of the world, will have grave consequences for future generations.  Weather modification, climate engineering, as well as land mass and oceanic manipulation of this nature will only greatly exacerbate many of the most serious problems that the planet currently faces.

In the interest of further educating and enlightening those who are interested in knowing what’s going on right above their heads, we are providing a compendium of some revelatory articles and well researched essays on this subject.  Each one of the titles below represents a different perspective regarding the greatest scientific debacle of our era: Geoengineering the weather through the systematic, wide-area and indiscriminate utilization of Chemtrails and HAARP.

40067_html_m4cd892ceWe can educate others and enlighten them about what is going on right above their heads.  Here are just a few articles which provide valuable info for both the unaware and uninitiated, as well as the well informed and observant.

CHEMTRAILS : The Biggest Coverup of All Time

CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering (UPDATED)

CHEMTRAILS: Covert And Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity

Geoengineered Weather Patterns Wreaking Havoc Across Planet

The Government-Coordinated CHEMTRAIL Conspiracy Continues Unabated

The US Government Commits Chemical Assault Against Its Citizens

Global Climate Change: Causing Worldwide Weather Apocalypse

CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions

Chemtrails: The Consequences of Toxic Metals and Chemical Aerosols on Human Health

How The Hard Science PhDs Have Wrecked The World

Global Climate Change: Causing Worldwide Weather Apocalypse

The Weather Channel Comedy Hour: Sponsored By US Department of Weather Propaganda

Weather Channel Helping To Hide The Geoengineering Assault

Geoengineering Continues to Produce Wild Weather Extremes

Mainstream Media Desperately Trying To Hide The Truth About Climate Engineering

What is going on with the strange snowfalls this winter?

Planetary Weapons and Military Weather Modification: Chemtrails, Atmospheric Geoengineering and Environmental Warfare

The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA

It is well past the time to tell everyone — every resident of Planet Earth — that:
State of the Nation
March 5, 2014


[1] HAARP: Secret Weapon Used For Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare

Editor’s Note:

Do we really want our blues skies stolen from us day after day … week after week … year after year?
Do we want our family and friends to be exposed to a daily chemical cocktail of toxic compounds, noxious pollutants, dangerous heavy metals, pathogenic micro-organisms, radioactive isotopes, and other chemical contaminants?
Do we want to be known as the generation who allowed the skies of the world to be so darkened and degraded that the entire atmosphere was irreparably damaged?


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