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Anti-Chemtrail Activist Makes Urgent Plea for Assistance (Video)

Patrick Roddie – Geoengineering Activist Needs Our Immediate Help

From Peter A. Kirkby – 3/20/2019

A great warrior for truth is in trouble and needs immediate financial contribution


Patrick Roddie has been doing effective boots-on-the-ground, grassroots activism exposing chemtrails and geoengineering for many years now. He got the interview with Princess Basmah Bint Saud who was not afraid to tell us about the ongoing geoengineering catastrophe. He testified before the Environmental Protection Agency about the megatons of toxic waste raining down upon us. He even got top geoengineer Ken Caldiera to tell him to, “Shut the f_<% up!” These are but a few of his many accomplishments. In short, Patrick has been a tireless crusader against chemtrails and geoengineering.

As a degreed chemist, Patrick has been working on his greatest endeavor yet – collecting evidence for an epidemiological study linking aircraft spray-days to local mortalities.

Although our loving government has thrown many roadblocks in his path, Patrick says that he has recently obtained the official death records needed to prove his case.

Isn’t it funny how, just when he gets what he needs to do some serious damage to the geoengineering agenda, his life is suddenly turned upside-down.

Patrick says that his landlord has been practicing strong-arm eviction tactics against him. He says that he was wrongly taken to the local psych ward against his will and on false pretenses. He says that he has been burgled of his money, bank cards, and the like. He says that what was not stolen from him, he has been forced to sell. He says that the documentary evidence pertaining to his epidemiological studies is in danger of being lost.

It’s even worse than that, folks. Patrick says that, as a result of his persecution he has suffered a series of strokes that have left him permanently disabled and that he continues to undergo serious health issues as a result of all this. For the whole story, please watch the following video Patrick published earlier today.


As one can learn from watching the video, Patrick believes that he can come back to prevail in this situation, but he needs our help. Patrick asks that you the reader send him donations to help him get himself back on his feet so that he can beat these people.

I ask that you donate what you can to help Patrick in his hour of need. You can donate money to Patrick at his PayPal account.


Thank you.