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CHEMTRAIL Whistleblower: Critical disclosures from a former DOE ozone hole remediation expert

Chemtrails sprayed over Knoxville, TN

Jim Phelps – Chemtrail Whistleblower
(Inventor of DOE’s remediation of the ozone)


Hello Nuclear Interest persons,

Welcome to the DOEWatch Web page. This page is written by the person who invented the DOE’s biggest project on remediation for the ozone hole. The inventions came from direct experience at the Oak Ridge National Lab and working the Q-cleared world of DOE’s nuclear weapons. This piece is about the origin of the Ozone Hole and the methods in use and being designed to attempt to fix what Man’s pollution have done to our weather and our environment.

Chemtrails are highly linked to Teller and Star Wars. Many persons find it difficult to imagine how something like Star Wars, the inventor of the hydrogen bomb, and the ozone hole are all connected. Edward Teller started the Star Wars project by essentially lying to Congress to get funding for a “make-work” project for weapons scientists and labs. The Sun, like the hydrogen bomb, is based on nuclear fusion. The ozone hole is even an artifact of pollution linked to strategic materials environmental cover up. We’ll explore this below.

There is much use of the word “shield” in the Star Wars Project, but lets not forget many other shields related to nuclear defenses. The Sun is a nuclear reactor, that emits all sorts of charged particles, electrons, lots of UV from hydrogen, and lots of hot body white light and IR. We forget that Earth has multiple shields that protect us from these effects.

The Earth’s magnetic field shields us from charged particles and sets up the Van Allen radiation belts due to the magnetosphere that deflect these ions and electrons around the Earth, with only some hitting the polar regions. The magnetic field shield does not affect the Sun’s emissions that are waves. The visible light, UV, and IR comes right on past this first shield. On Earth, the electrons getting past the magnetic field make the Northern Lights and ions hit the zone over the South pole. This effect charges up the Earth’s potential gradient like a large capacitor with plates being the plasma conductive ionosphere and the Earth’s surface. The ions hitting the atmosphere set up some turbulence effects and aid in lofting materials. These ions hit molecules like HF and HCl at the South Pole and make for UV generation from the hydrogen ion effects. The hydrogen is in play in the disruption of the ozone level. It is also in play for conversation radiation from the Sun’s ions.

The Sun’s UV radiation is an ionizing radiation that causes health problems and the next shield to recall is the ionosphere. Here the ionizing radiation forms oxygen ions that combine with oxygen molecules to form ozone. Ozone is a bluish gas that absorbs the UV radiation and attenuates it, protecting animals and plants from UV ionizing radiation damage.

It is here that man is causing some problems with mother nature’s well-balanced system. The ozone layer is highly reduced by processes that pull hydrogen into this region. Hydrogen is supposed to be rare in the atmosphere at only 1 PPM. Elements like fluorine and chlorine tend to support HF and HCl in the ionosphere, which causes disruption of ozone formation by making frozen crystals of water and hydrogen peroxide, which do not attenuate UV. The process in this thin region is one of aerosol particles and gases being driven by UV ionizing radiation.

The HF and HCl that corrupted the ozone layer stems from both natural and man-made events. Volcanos help toss lots of the acids and particles into this region, and man via freon mistakes added more. Man also adds some due to coal emissions and the formation of large storms, and even nuclear weapons added to the effects. The ionization in the ionosphere and the Earth’s magnetic field pulls the ions to the South Pole and the electrons to the North Pole. This is essentially a mini-Van Allen like effect from ions generated by the Sun’s UV. This causes a high level of fluorine and chlorine ions at the Southern pole [and thus HF and HCl].

In order to compensate for this effect the US has been doing some things to absorb the UV radiation. Man has added some other shields in the form of aerosols made of materials that absorb UV and others that reflect UV and IR. These type projects have taken on the term “chemtrails” in the public venues. Chemtrails come in several forms. The most exposed form is that of aluminum oxide using jet planes to release a near global reflective haze into the air. This exposure comes from Edward Teller’s LLNL paper disclosing the method of particle reflectance to make a global shield and a patent that discloses this being designed. The next related technique is the use of UV absorbing materials based in titanium dioxide released in the air to replace the ozone filtering.

These chemtrail techniques relate to similar military techniques to spy on-line of sight microwave communications. The military likes to see what information passes on-line of sight phone systems. The method for doing this uses microwave techniques for isolators and use special compounds of barium, titanium, and iron sprayed into the microwave paths. Materials used in microwave guide and stripline use similar compounds, and this method in the air pathway is similar. This is where the idea came from and its basic principle for operation. This allows the surveillance planes to wire tap the microwave beams and gain information. They can also insert information via this technique, or jam these communication system. This type technique also interferes with things like RADAR return energies and their ranges. It can also be used to create phantom RADAR images.

The US likes to hide its basic research and direction by using “dual-use technologies” and these RADAR techniques are one of the prime examples. These microwave systems techniques are more about how to get funding to do the studies to set up the real chemtrail directions of weather control, precipitation of toxic’s in the air and ionosphere.

The tricks to suspend these materials use various methods, from those of nano particles in air, to fine nano-filaments [filaments as fine as spiders webs], to that of charging these particles and filaments so as to ride the Earth’s potential gradient field and stay aloft longer. All these designed to keep the material in suspension in the air.

The UV sprays use the same techniques to leave a spray of barium and titanium materials in the air. Plain titanium dioxide is an extremely good UV blocker. This brings on the last shield system, on the very surface or Earth and on the most vulnerable UV target organ. The US has arranged for titanium dioxide to be used in things like soap and detergent, which leaves one covered with a film of this material. One can usually see the paint like scum in showers from the sticky titanium dioxide build up, along with calcium. This same film is all over most persons skin and helps shield the skin from UV. One only has to look at all the places titanium dioxide has been incorporated in the last ten years to notice this intentional trend. It was put there to modify the UV damage to skin.

The body is very tolerate to titanium and it is not prone to see off the immune system inflammation response. Titanium is shown to be very useful in dentistry because of this effect. This is not so true to aluminum and barium compounds. Even LLNL studies turn down the use of Al in chem spray methods. The combined effects of these compounds with other pollutants can well cause lasting lung damage.

Now that we are well into the chemtrails issues, it is time to take a look at the weather related aspect more closely. Most people look at the weather, but few know how it is truly affected by man’s influence on environment. We were able to study many of these effects from the weapon’s plants influences in Oak Ridge in the 80’s. Oak Ridge has problems with many 100 year storms happening over the span of a few years, and it was due to the weapons plants influence on the weather.

Many people see some important weather concepts as they fly on planes, but they don’t recognize them. When one flies over the Pacific on calm days and approaches the Hawaiian Islands, one can see the effects of the potential gradient and a potential well effect. The high islands short out the potential gradient in the laminar Pacific’s moist air and this pulls charged water to form clouds around each tall island. The islands make their own weather. The prevailing winds usually mean one side of the island is wet and the other dry. As the evaporation builds each day, it usually rains in the late afternoons due to drops condensing and saturation effect.

We also see the same effects around big cities and one of the best examples is Atlanta international. Here the cities aerosol pollutants set up heating of the low altitude air and rising thermals that move charge from the lower altitudes and carry them higher—-much as a tall volcano in the Pacific causes clouds and rains. These rising thermals in the polluted South cause so much redistribution of charge that lightning occurs and as the thermals build they reach extreme heights in the atmosphere, often forming hail. This is anther example of a potential well-being formed and making storms due to man’s effects.

This is where lots of work is being done in terms of changing man’s effects on the weather and damage from storm intensities. The knowledge of the Earth’s potential gradient shows us how this charge effect sets up the collection methods that form storms. It also shows us that if we can lower this potential gradient we can lower the number of storms and the severity of the ones that do form. The method to change the potential gradient is to make the air more conductive and this is done using the photoelectric effect from metals. Barium is one such metal with a low work function that will emit electrons into the air and make conductive ion effects in the lower atmosphere. This effect lowers the potential gradient. The idea for this method came from how photomultiplier tubes first cathodes work with light. In air there is lots of electron recombination, but with lots of light still a current that discharges the potential gradient.

This technique supplements other methods used to modify weather. Cloud seeding using hygroscopic materials and even dry ice has been used to induce clouds to rain. In atmospheric nuclear testing, we induced both a potential well effect and the ionization of the air that shorted out the potential gradient and made for rain after many of the test shots. This was especially seen in the Pacific test shots for the hydrogen bomb. These are the effects that connect Teller, the hydrogen bomb, and Star Wars to these effects of weather modification. Hydrogen bombs can contribute effects toward global cooling, i.e., the nuclear winter effect. This gets into ozone layer effects as well.

Interesting to note that the issue of nuclear winter from particles in the atmosphere is the same effect of reflective particles induced in the atmosphere from jet flying around the globe to affect global warming. It was all these basic principles of atmospheric science that were used at ORNL in the 80’s to predict these effects and come up with ways to mediate these effects. These are my basic conceptual ideas coming to fruition.

There is one very serious flaw that the national labs are exploiting. Most of the data that justifies the UV-b damage to health comes from mouse experiments. Mice have a serious systemic problem with fluorides damage to their immune system tolerance. This means they don’t respond properly in repairing DNA damage to ionizing radiation, nor with the immune system detection and eradication of cancers. Ignoring this systemic issue with mice, that is showing up clearly with a Wake Forest line of mice with proper immune cancer resistance, is leading us down a wrong pathway. The issues with UV-b triggering cancers is more one of fluorides in the environment affecting immune system tolerance and performance. The health problems connected to the ozone hole is more one with humans affected by fluoride, as well as the upper atmosphere.

The data says that we need to go after source terms for fluoride in the food chain, if we are to correct these problems. Unfortunately, all these special chemtrail methods were designed to conceal this effect on health.

The national labs have known this was the main problem since the mid-80’s, and that it directly links to rising cancers of all types, as well as to the HIV epidemic. They have intentionally suppressed this information so as to prompt these lies to sustain more weapons work for the corrupted national labs. This is little different from the lies Teller told on Star Wars beam systems being able to target ballistic missiles with there were known impossibilities with x-ray optical focus down range and predictive delay issues for a dithered flight path.

This problem with the Govt. supporting lies has moved all the way into the White House with the lies told on the Iraq WMD issues. It has to do fully with the issues of these project’s end-time themes. The White House has become extremely aggressive, while leaving the door wide open for 911 to happen. This intentionally set up the stage to go into these Middle East and to get involved into the long issues of Palestine and Israel. In dealing with these effects, the born again Christian influences are even exploiting the words of the Bible and using misinformation on these simple themes.

Oak Ridge and the Manhattan nuclear projects long ago cracked the central messages of religion. Even to the point of knowing exactly what influences the end-time revelations prophecies. It is these issues that the White House is exploiting to enrich its Mil. / Ind. Network linked industries, while burying the real problems connected with fluoride health effects. The White House’s basic direction is toward massive health effects and thinning the world population, while making pharmaceuticals and doctors rich in the process. The ideals for the GOP have become aligned with deception and those linked to dishonest practices.

We find ourselves the a crisis to which Eisenhower warned about the Mil. / Ind. Network’s power as he left office in the 60’s. It was this corrupt power that resulted in the death of JFK, and the same one that holds the US and the world in its ugly grip today. Books like “The Imperial Presidency” by Arthur Schlesinger point out how the office of president is becoming more the CEO for corporation interests than one for the rights of the people. The secrecy system is one that gives presidents this power to corrupt.

If the US is to prosper, it must return the element of truth to its leadership. If the US persists in lying to its citizens and the world, this will produce a response that all the world can no longer support the US’s leadership or position.

I would ask that each of your that read this expose on Star Wars, Space Shields, UV, and the weather to become more aware of these factors and teach others of the problems. Then work together with your fellow citizens and the citizens of the world to change these highly dangerous problems into better outcomes. These matters are far to dangerous and important to allow just the special few to manage them. To withhold this information is one in the same with denying persons their religious freedoms, as they do link to those of revelations.

It is only wise that all the citizens become aware of these secret projects happening right over everyone’s head, and demand that the Govt. be made accountable to the people. Heads-up people, the message is clear that we all need to get involved. The evil that we see today can only flourish when good people remain silent.

Jim Phelps, Oak Ridge whistleblower


=========================== Part II DOE’s chemtrails ===========================

Various persons have requested that I write up a simple explanation about DOE’s “Chemtrials.” Chemtrails are hard to explain, but put simply, chemtrails exploit synergistic effects involving environment and health. Chemtrails are real, and so is the degree of environmental and health harm that chemtrails are intended to mediate.
The DOE and science were discovering many synergistic effects in the 80’s, when the ideas for chemtrails came into play. In Oak Ridge, we were looking at toxic emissions from weapons plants and looking at cyanide mining techniques that made uranium soluble and removed it by dispersion. There was a very similar effect in the health domain with the Vit. B-17, or laetrile effect. In Oak Ridge we had workers whose lungs and bodies were loaded with metals, which needed to be removed. One of the experimental techniques to change this was to use synergistic cyanide emission from the local waste air release stacks. These techniques became called “air pharmacology.”
It was thinking along these lines that lead to DOE sponsored chemtrails, patterned after some research on reflective particles by Edward Teller of LLNL. Teller’s chemtrail ideas were limited to changing the weather and atmospheric energy effects using particles. The spin that Oak Ridge put into this was to also experiment with chemtriais to modify human health. A prime example is the cyanide / laetrile like emissions from the local K-25 TSCA [Toxic Substance Control Act, circa 1982] incineration process to affect the workers and local communities. Chemtrails ultimate ambitions are about human health and UV-b and removing HF from the atmosphere.
Oak Ridge was the site of some very early chemtrail experiments due to their extreme fluorides and particle problems. One experiment dumped a white clumpy powder into the air, which tended to accumulate air fungus that discolored and ruined roofs in the region. After heavy rains a white clumping powder could be seen near gutters. This was about UV reduction on plants and animals using titanium dioxide and other compounds. This effect eventually was put into many soaps to set up a film on a person’s skin to attentuate UV.
In the mid-1980’s, the Oak Ridge DOE plant operators and ORNL had found massive health problems linked to hydrogen fluoride emissions from its’ plants and coal power providers that was causing problems ranging from health damage to changing the local weather effects. The study of the Oak Ridge DOE and TVA system showed this was a national effect. This is how the major DOE chemtrail operations came into being.
We’ve all heard about the green house gas effects from CO2 [CO2 and others absorb infrared energy] in the atmosphere contribute to global warming, but there are some other effects. The bigger problem with CO2 is not so much the direct source effects from combustion process, but it is more UV-b emissions are killing off the ocean’s surface plankton conversion of CO2 and this is making the CO2 levels soar.
The UV-b part of the equation is driven by fluoride and chlorine in the upper atmosphere, where ozone is formed from the Sun’s ionizing radiation. Here hydrogen from free chlorine reduces the ozone concentrations and allows more of the Sun’s UV-b radiation to pass. Chlorine has a short environmental half time in the atmosphere compared to fluoride, which has a half life of some 200 years. So, the problem is fluorine tends to do more damage and they want to pull the HF out of the atmosphere using chemtrails. There are always multiple synergisms in play for all chemtrail techniques.
Hologen element ions in the upper atmosphere tend to collect at the South Pole due to the ionization and the Earth’s magnetic field effects. The other end of this effect is the Northern Lights, where the similar ionized sheets of free electrons from magnetosphere ionize the upper atmosphere air into curtains of light. Thus, the ozone hole is around the Southern pole due to the halogen ion concentrations. HF also has another nasty problem in that the Sun’s radiation also stimulates it to emit UV-b radiation. The Southern pole region is affected by both less UV-b filtering and direct generation of UV-b conversion radiation in our atmosphere. There is much ionosphere turbulence here.
Getting back to DOE plant issues, the local emissions of acids and particles from DOE plants and TVA coal plants make for a smog process that differentially heats the low altitude air due to making it more opaque. This effect stores thermal energy in the air as the temperature rises. When the jet stream forces cooler air over this hot air it makes for more highly damaging weather fronts and tornadoes.
One way to mediate this weather damage effect is to use jet planes as giant spray cans to paint the sky with aluminum oxide particles to reflect a few percent of the Sun’s energy back into space. The aluminum also tends to form with the HF and other acids in the atmosphere to precipitate them and get them out of the air. This effect cuts the damages from storms, but it has some downsides.
The downside on this particular chemtrail method is that is contributes aluminum-fluoride compounds into the air that get into lungs, water, and food. Al-F has a dangerous synergistic effect on thyroid hormones and cells due to the G-protein / Gq/11 effect. Experiments using EDTA chelation of aluminium and mercury often show these effects. So, there is a trade-off to be made in reducing the storm harm and setting up factors that can induce health effects in global populations. In many ways it is human experimentation on a global scale, sponsored by the DOE and the US Govt.
This is the main reason the DOE hides what it is doing behind the net equivalent of a Star Wars type national security classification. It hides these mediation experiments due to reactions that environmentalists will sponsor and because it will force changes in power generation and health, even religion. It is all about money and profits for mostly GOP related businesses. The use of national security for this cover-up runs all through the DOE and clear to the White House.
The other parts of chemtrails to consider are the compounds designed to influence human health. Human health is in trouble in the US due to multiple pollutants that tend to set up the Th-2 cytokine profile in the long term and hasten pathogen linked illnesses. Examples of this happening are seen in the Gulf War I health effects, the health effects of DOE gas diffusion cold war workers, CFS / MCS affected persons, and even HIV.
Chemtrail techniques use the highly fluorine reactive calcium valence barium seeded into the atmosphere to react with HF and other acids in air and remove it from suspension. Barium does not have the high G-protein factors connected to thyroid, as does aluminum. It is the next generation method, past aluminum techniques.
Other chemtrail experiments use virus and bacteria seeded into the air to induce more beneficial cytokine effects in populations. These are the parts Oak Ridge added to the basic Teller chemtrail ideas. Experiments involving these factors are where the DOE rents DOD Air Force tankers and sprays large areas and sometimes globs are seen raining down or red blood cells are found in the air. Cliff Carnicorn and others are good about reporting these types of things.
The DOE’s Star Wars [since Teller started Star Wars and the perticle techniques] like dreaming does not end here, as the HAARP system is part of looking at what to do with the upper atmosphere fluoride problems and how to remove them. HAARP is an experiment to test heating of the upper ionized layers of the atmosphere to promote changing the retention time of some of these destructive materials in the cold upper ionized aerosol and gas atmosphere. Temperature is a catalyst for chemical reactions that they want to promote reactions to lessen the UV-b effects. Some of the experiments will affect radio wave propagation via reflection or transmission via manipulation of the plasma density.
HAARP also can double as a way to communicate with nuclear submarines using ULF radio techniques on the ionosphere. This is an example of “dual-use” or “multiple-use” technology used to conceal the real intent. This same dual-use issue is using in many of the barium experiments to conceal the real directions of the research. These methods are used to get money from Congress to work on the real mission and not disclose the massive problem. The HAARP system is basically a powerful PWM VHF transmitter and antenna array located in Alaska. HAARP has the power to heat the upper atmosphere plasma layers and change their density and modulate the Earth’s potential gradient.
While working for Oak Ridge in the national security arena my inventions were the methods of air pharmacology, aka air pharmacology chemtrails, and the HAARP system. One of the interesting things is you often get to name the systems as you provide the conceptual ideas and the catchy names that go along with them. I was also involved in the “Dark-Star” and “Excalibur” names, both with some Star Wars connectivity. The Dark-Star idea came from my work on hot cell microwave linked robotic systems and that for Excalibur from my high energy physics work in Fusion Energy. This is where the ideas for barium-titanium-ferrite chemtrails to tap microwaves paths originated.
HAARP’s naming was intended to have connection to religion [angels, harps, heaven] and many of the nuclear national security projects do have this link. The plants code names in Oak Ridge even have religion linked origins. My inventions were so advanced they exceeded the common knowledge of the planet and were sometimes termed extraterrestrial information, and was kept uncommon by using classification for cover-up.
The most interesting feature of the Oak Ridge fluoride investigation was how much things began to resembled the biblical revelations. It became the science that predicted the issues of massive health plagues, huge storms, fish dying in the seas, and even the rise of the oceans. We even began to see the method of communication used with biblical icons, like the Virgin Mary and the snake symbol representing toxic’s from within the Earth. We then began to connect how the geologic subsidence effects in regions like Sodom affected the health of this region and how this was similar to the East African Rift Zone health effects. The old cultures were much more scientifically advanced than we have given them credit for being.
It was a time in Oak Ridge where science literally collided with the biblical revelations. Unfortunately, this caused even more intention on the part of even organized religion to cover up these science issues that would make organized religion less of an attraction. It is a very sad thing when religion and Govt. team up to keep much-needed knowledge from the people and allow them much harm in the process, all in the interest of reaping profit from deception.
It is these many cover ups and the illegal uses of classification that have led me to become a Whistleblower against the DOE and the US Govt. about these projects and how you can read about this today.
=================================Part Three================================
The most obvious news before the public regarding chemtrails is the use of barium. Barium is used because its complex synergisms are believed an improvement over the simple aluminum oxide technique. The case for barium is a question of serendipity or positive synergistic effects. Lets explore these for greater understanding.
The US, its agencies, and its industries are in deep trouble for ignoring all the warning signs for the dangers connected with fluoride in the environment. This has prompted several presidents to sign “national emergency” orders that allow all kinds of secret environmental and human experiments to occur. This is still a fraud, as the design of this process was to conceal and allow harm to the people of the US and the world. This goes against the “greater good” aspects for “national security.”
Barium-titanium is interesting in that is often used as the UV absorber in everything from eyeglasses to skin and suntan lotions. The property for barium that allows it to do this is its low photo work function of only 2.7 eV compared to aluminum’s 4.3 eV. Barium absorbs the dangerous UV waves and ionizes, then re-emits the energy into the harmless visible spectrum.
This effect is helpful in the atmosphere as it absorbs the high levels of UV emissions from the global warming related pollution effects on our atmosphere. The aluminum-oxide technique puts on a reflective layer that reflects a few percent of the Sun’s energy reducing global warming, and the barium-titanium techniques puts in a UV filtering system.
The barium in the atmosphere is ionized by the light / UV radiation and actually sets up a more conductive layer in the atmosphere from the free ion and electron process. This does several things. The first thing it does is short out the Earth’s potential gradient, which is about 800 – 1,000 volts per meter under normal conditions near the ground. The voltage gradient is what keeps small particles suspended for long periods of time. Shorting out this field or reducing it reduces the suspension time of air particles.
This barium ionization effect also causes the rapid formation of rain due to these same type effects and this process also helps to wash out problems of acid components and particles in the air. This keeps it from reaching the upper atmosphere and causing ozone reduction or ionization and reemission of UV-b. All these serendipitous things are what the barium effect is all about, positive synergism’s. The DOE’s other rain making efforts used short lived isotopes sprayed into the air to induce the conduction air ion effects and this pulled moisture into regions and produced rain. The barium technique uses the Sun’s radiation to get the net same result without isotopes. It is essentially akin to an effect called radiolysis.
The barium technique is also being used in the upper layers of the atmosphere to both interact with the acids there converting them to solids / particles and to short out the Earth’s potential gradient there to allow them to fall faster from these regions.
The problem in the upper atmosphere is that of UV-b filtering and generation. Just like the UV-b that gets to the lower elevations where the barium is used, there is ionization from the UV-b and wavelength shifting to the safe visible spectrum. This same effect happens in the upper atmosphere with the high levels of fluorine there, except the Sun’s radiation is absorbed by hydrogen fluoride and wavelength shifted to UV-b emission ranges. The chlorine effects damage the ozone concentrations allowing more of both the Sun’s UV-b and the radiation conversion emissions to reach the ground.
The problems in the upper atmosphere is often that these things are very cold and unreactive and held there via electric field effects. It is here that fluorine compounds have 200 year half life retention times. In effect, fluorine compounds are cumulative and rising in this zone. So, special things are being done to change what causes these long retention or suspension times. It has to be done to reduce the UV-b damage that dives the bulk of the problems making for CO2 rising from destruction of the ocean’s surface plankton. This is the key to global warming.
Another of the special things is a system called HAARP, which is essentially a big RF heater for the upper atmosphere ions or plasma. HAARP provides the heat that is the catalyst to cause reactions with other materials. When barium is injected the acids combine with the barium and tend to precipitate like forming rain. The electric fields are shorted out and they tend to lose that suspension effect and the fall from these regions begins. It is accelerated as HAARP can actually modulate these upper layers and shake things loose. This much like how coal plant precipitators work when the voltage is turned off and the residues knocked loose from the collection plates. The idea is to change one plate of a big capacitor around the Earth.
These are some of the special things being done to correct the pollutant problems in our atmosphere and I was the one that invented these techniques and provided the conceptualization ideas. This was done at ORNL in the mid-1980’s, along with the issues on the fluoride linked AID’s crisis driving factors.
One should not see these methods as pure benevolent intent, as the Govt. is acting in ways that should only be called Racketeering, when the whole process is revealed. The Govt. is using national security and classification to hide extremely serious harm factors it has allowed to happen to its citizens and to the world. The total equation on the fluoride harm is not only linked to melting our polar ice caps, but it is the root of global health plaques due to endocrine and immune disruption. Fluorides relate directly to the huge rates of HIV transmission, the rising global plague issues, rising rates of CFS, rising rates of all immune linked illness, and even down to the process of aging.
The cover up of these things has no benevolent purpose except to enrich those that caused this extreme damage in the first place. The fingerprints of the murderers are those of the Mil / Ind Network linked operators. The bulk of the cover ups stem directly from the need for fluorine in the Manhattan Project and in the production of strategic metals like aluminum. Directly, because of classification and national security, this huge mess was allowed to occur. Now literally threatening the health, longevity, and life of every person on this planet.
The damage factors are so great that they are those presented in the revelations of the Bible. All the factors are present from those of fish dying in the oceans, great plagues upon the planet, polar ice melting, oceans due to rise. This is what is driving the big cover up on chemtrails and why they don’t want to tell people the truth. The cover-up is essentially designed to not tell these issues linked so closely to these religious predictions, because it would greatly change religions beliefs. The Govt is essentially causing these end-time effects and persecuting those that notice the problem. These cover ups make the GOP interests very rich. These cover ups have corrupted our Govt beyond your wildest imagination, to the point that the truth cannot be found on many things.
I hope you all enjoyed this narrative about DOE’s/DOD’s Chemtrails and the Barium synergisms—radiation conversion. I hope that all who read this understand and pass it around to all your friends on the Internet. It is time for the citizens to take back control of our Govt.

================================ Part Three ================================
Lots of readers are learning a great deal about how the ozone hole set off an entire series of secret experiments to lessen the UV-b effects. Perhaps it would be good to understand the Oak Ridge Environment that concealed these issues and the political climate that perpetuates these problems. These are the real issues behind why this problem happened and why it’s not being resolved.
These bits of info might help orient many of you, as we explore just how things like “Aerosols and weather, air pharmacology and medicine, AMA and presidents” all relate.
Everyone needs to remember that Oak Ridge was the location of the world’s largest industrial building [The K-25 building] and the world’s largest coal steam plant [The S-50 process steam plant] for a very long time. The systems were powered by the largest federal utility, TVA, using mainly coal. The uranium enrichment operations used more power than that required for New York City. This with the plants own process emissions made the Oak Ridge area one of the early highly toxic exposed populations. Oak Ridge was the area with the highest density of power usage and generation in the entire world. It also stored the worlds supply of mercury and uranium, and stored and lost huge amounts of fluorine. What was seen happening in Oak Ridge was to be the harbinger of what was to affect the entire country in time. Some call its warning the message contained in the Revelations.
Oak Ridge has many health effects from pollutant releases. It has made workers sick and killed them for decades. It sustained this by using “national security” secrecy as an excuse to cover this up for 50 years. Much is still covered up.
Oak Ridge gets along will with the AMA type doctors, as does all of industry. AMA was formed from Rockefeller industrial interests. AMA doctors make vast profits from industrial induced illness, and they never reveal much of the toxic causation tied to industries. In Oak Ridge, if a doctor came close to connecting a weapons process pollutant to a public health issue, his career came to an abrupt end. Oak Ridge is a cash cow to those that keep the secrets.
When the art of Chiropractic Medicine came to Oak Ridge this set off a major problem, because Chiro’s pin the cause of illness on toxic’s. Oak Ridge set off to ruin all local Chiropractors because it would expose things like the hellacious fluorides health effects, which Chiro’s tend to recognize. Chiro’s also do things like chelation therapy—-which pulls out things like toxic metals. This would show up Oak Ridge toxic induced health problem causation’s. It would particularly get right down to the aluminum-fluoride synergism on the Gq/11 proteins and T-3 hormone effects on health. There is a similar synergism with fluoride and mercury, which might also be found. All of industry also hated the Chiropractors, as they are correct in their assessments.
In the AMA system, the entire art of pharmacology is about how to add one more toxic effect to mitigate another from industry or environment. Chiro’s worked the other way in pulling out toxic materials and putting in only clean food and vitamins. Chiro’s attacked the problem directly and the AMA and pharmacy methods masked the causation with sub-toxic pharmaceutical effects.
AMA doctor’s even use some Chiro methods in treatment in the form of restricted diets that lower the free radical damage to the gut and the intake of too many bad things. A diet low in cooked foods with lots of fresh veggies and fruits does more to improve health than all the pharmacy methods. One of the big troubles in this society is that Americans have forgotten how to eat in healthy ways, and many almost never eat a raw vegetable. All their diets are high in cooked foods, dairy, and meats. And high in diets loaded with pesticides and preservatives. The American methods are killing many from this effect. Then add in the multiple toxic emissions hitting the lungs and absorbed via the food chain.
The air pharmacology techniques from Oak Ridge or the public venue’s “chemtrail techniques” are one in the same and the very same technique used in AMA medicine. Simply put it is how to add one more pollutant that has some positive synergistic effect against another. “Air Pharmacology” was an idea begging to be discovered and I happened to find it in looking at weapons plants worker health effects.
Oak Ridge’s liabilities are huge and the corrupted national security types would rather hide the issues, than ever tell the truth. In the process, they also get to make money the same way as the AMA and industry parasitic relationships have for nearly a century now. This is what sustains the air pharmacology methods. It is the definition of “smoke and mirrors” used in national security ways to hide issues.
Even the White House supports this kind of thinking, because it makes GOP interests rich and gets them reelected. It is a vicious circle based on greed, money, and power.
The big problem with ideas like air pharmacology is once the idea gets into the system, it takes on a mind of its own, driven by greed and money. In the classified national security environment, it becomes a monster.
The national security types and industry would rather do all these things to affect the environment, than to admit there is a problem and go after the source terms. It is their formula to get rich.
It is the same basic equation to which the AMA makes money. AMA ignores causation from pollutants and instead uses expensive pharmacy and intervention to keep the lifetimes up.
Same basic deal with chemtrails, they make money from keeping the essential problem not disclosed to the public. Air Pharmacology does the same thing. Chemtrails are just another pill—-another Band-Aid.
The causes for illness and the bad weather is all pollutants. These pollutant effects have come on slowly, so many don’t notice. But the root issue is pollutants, led in first place by fluorides. Sometime, look at the content of fluorides in blood vessels and ask a simple question about vessel plaque and fluoride calcium affinity. Then look at fluoride effect on the thyroid hormone and how fluoride is cumulative, and the levels placed in even the water lead to illnesses in the long term.
The real root of the issues is that to disclose the problem would show that the people have been mislead by both industry and medicine. Even the study into what is the causes of AIDS and the other immune linked illnesses leads directly to the toxic causation’s effects and the real big secrets the AMA and industry have exploited with the citizens used as pawns. It has every aspect of the term Racketeering, which is what it is now about.
The main causes for illnesses are well know these days, and the Govt. has established a mystery to conceal from the public what is becoming very obvious. The citizens have been had by industry. Players all the way into Govt. agencies and the White House play this game and keep the public dumbed down.
One can even see the president of the US plays these same games, helping industry to hide pollutants and dodge class action responsibility, helping AMA pharmacy continue great profits and denying the poor, helping petrochemical industry to the point of wars to gain control of oil interests. These same issues set up the Imperialism of the US presidency.
In the study of the health effects in Oak Ridge, we looked at some very basic issues. We looked at things like the occupation exposures, what plant emissions could be involved in synergistic effects, and then even the home lifestyle. In this process, we used some of the same criteria that Chiropractors might use. We found that often home eating set up familial trends over generations and that this effect was highly connected to illness in some families. The old adage that you are what you eat comes to mind, as well as some of the messages from Genesis.
This effect is seen in anecdotal stories about Aunt Minnie and her recipes passed down thru the years to the family. Families get acquired tastes for food and the cooking process is directly responsible for making these tastes. This process has even acquired a name: “Maillard reaction” or “Maillard molecules.” So, when family groups get used to deep-fried chitlins, pork rinds, and burned fats this means their food chain is not only beset with many toxics, but ones made from burning things due to cooking. This sets up familiar trends of illness and not so much DNA passed down. There is also a familial generation DNA damage tend to deal with also, due to the same damage process.
The AMA doctors and industry support a misleading lie about the problems being the persons defect in genetics or DNA, when the full truth is this came about due to toxic free radical effects induced in food and the toxics rising in the food chain. Environmental effects set up these trends. Environmental effects damaged the genes and DNA.
This effect is most disturbing in the mouse experiments where mice DNA has been damaged by the nature of getting high fluorides exposures. These damaged DNA experiments is what we base lots of our health outcome sciences upon. It is very dangerous to ignore these factors from the mouse data sets.
In Oak Ridge, there was the issue of how one nuclear plant’s toxic emissions did not do as much worker health damage as the other and looking at the plants other emissions yielded some ideas. One plant was high in cyanide compound emissions and this looked like the very same basic effect as seen used in the laetrile treatments for cancer. It is also connected to the Vit. B-17 effect.
One experiment at the TSCA Incinerator in Oak Ridge used burned methyl cyanide emissions into the air to see if this effect would accelerate the removal of metal oxides from workers lungs, in the same way that it is used for in-situ uranium mining. This was the kick off for the air pharmacology experiments, which was soon to become the chemtrails techniques and go after the weather linked issues connected to the nuke plant’s acid and particle emissions.
Oak Ridge is home to many 100 year storms, in the early 90’s, that occured over just a few years due to the acid and particulate laden air storing huge amounts of heat and causing high summer air temperatures. One year recorded 100 degree plus air temps from this process. This energy translates to violent storms that damaged the weapons plants and region. Heat and light reflective particles sprayed into these regions would lower these heat energy effects and lower the storm damage. This is how the process got started. The first attempts were disasters and basically screwed up roofs due to the sky paint materials pulling down fungus that stuck to and discolored rooftops.
These methods expanded into using jet planes as global spray cans that made aluminum oxide from the jet fuel burning process. This even used heat to help keep the particles in suspension in the same what that SST jets were linked to global warming effects. The Aluminum methods were dangerous to health, as there is a dangerous synergism for aluminum, which will tend to pull the HF out of the air. Al-F is connected to thyroid hormone damage via Gq/11 proteins.
Other ideas would use the photoelectric effect to ionize the particles and have them suspend on the Earth’s potential gradient. These effects use the low work function metals, example barium. These type effects also have application in microwave interest areas for spying on communications and RADAR by making distributed barium-titanium-Ferrite particle microwave components in the air pathways of the beams. This could also be used to hide some of the real goals of these experiments from Congress using dual-use explanation strategies.
This is how the skies of the US and many countries have come to be spray painted a milky white, without being too noticed in Congressional Reports and the newspapers. It is all about the methods of Smoke and Mirrors being used to hide these national security programs and their real goals from the people and from the world. The American public needs to look up, because their sky is literally falling on their heads. Lots of particulates are added these days.
The basic goal is to do experiments to cut the magnitude of the Earth potential gradient, which will directly affect these storm and damage factors and allow industry to pollute even more. It is also about concealing the issues of how badly our health is being damaged and to continue the AMA and pharmacy trends. In the process, this will also help balance the Social Security process, as peoples’ lifespan won’t grow, and many will die sooner from all the particulate in the air.
We have learned a lot about the issues of aerosols and weather modification, and how air pharmacology stems directly from existing medicine’s parasitic effect with industry, and how even presidents play the games of the AMA for vast GOP profits. But then we all need to ask, is this in the best interest for the American people. I think what is in the American best interests is to expose these problems and deal with them openly in the world. In this way, the corrupted few do not get to exploit the citizens as pawns to their greedy cause.
These problems persist because of the use of secrets to hide these problems under national security, and this sustained due to corrupted presidents siding with industry cover up goals. This is largely a GOP big industry, pharmaceutical, AMA, petrochemical, and oil driven process. It is all about making money and nothing about the common good for the country and for the world.
These problems led our world directly into the End-Times predictions and the messages from the Revelations. These issues could be foreseen from these old times due to what folks learned from volcanic disasters in those times. It is not hard to see the process, and it would not be difficult today either—but for the citizens being so dumbed down and handing over their care to the corrupted Govt. We are in a time where there are so many lies being floated that it is difficult to see the truth.
As these falsehoods propagate they will progress into great levels of illness and death, and even lead to great wars between varied religious faction truth seekers. This is where we find our great country today, in a state where it has become totally corrupted by money. Indeed, this process is the root of all evil.
It remains to be seen how to get the country on the correct pathway again.

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