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WEATHER WARFARE: Globalists Order Geoengineers to “Shock & Awe” America with Superstorms

Ultimate False Flag Operation

Blaming Mother Nature for Terror Attacks
Using Weather Weapons of Mass Destruction

State of the Nation

With the exception of the false flag terror attacks staged on September 11, 2001, government-sponsored acts of weather warfare and environmental terrorism are exceedingly more deadly and destructive.

Consider that the current estimate for the damage caused to the Texas alone is already estimated to be $180 billion due to Hurricane Harvey.  Opportunities for disaster capitalism have always played a significant part in the decision process to wage weather warfare.  Similarly, predatory capitalism has frequently driven the decisions to perpetrate egregious acts of environmental terrorism (e.g. BP Gulf oil spill)

Hurricane Harvey Damages Could Cost up to $180 Billion

Now that everyone knows that HARVEY was steered into Texas coastline, it’s generally understood that IRMA will likewise be directed to a specific target… … …still unknown! That the national conversation has shifted so quickly to manmade superstorms is a HUGE happening.  For only when a critical mass of Americans realize that these superstorms are geoengineered from substantially smaller storms which naturally form during hurricane season, will the awareness be sufficiently raised to terminate them altogether.

When Shock & Awe is geoengineered

The weather weaponry that was utilized to geoengineer and steer HARVEY into Texas is really very simple.  The state of the art of geoengineering technology is quite advanced; much more than the taxpayers have been told.  While chemical geoengineering has been conducted for several decades, the capacity to carry out chemtrail operations has seen a dramatic increase since 9/11.  Likewise, the requisite HAARP technology has been refined considerably in the past 10 years.

What’s the critical point: the NWO globalists can manufacture a storm, ramp it up to cataclysmic superstorm magnitude, and aim it practically anywhere they so desire. Not only that, but they can play with its direction, speed and rain-making capability by pressing the necessary buttons.  They did just this in the case of HARVEY as the following video illustrates: This is exactly what a geoengineered hurricane looks like. (Video)

HARVEY was actually manipulated to travel around and then sit right next to Houston for what seemed like an eternity.  Of course, everyone knows the rest of the story—the 1000-year flood of 2017.  Not only was the ensuing biblical deluge deliberately fabricated as a “Shock & Awe” event, it’s only the first post solar eclipse catastrophe that is planned for the American people. IRMA appears to be next up on their weaponized weather agenda.

While many seem to doubt this weather warfare scenario, the satellite imagery and other diagnostic modalities all point to the same conclusion: Hurricane Harvey was a geoengineered storm.  The controllers of this meteorological drama even performed cloud-seeding in Texas on the day before HARVEY made landfall. Official Cloud-Seeding Report Filed On August 24th In Texas County.

There were so many classic geoengineering signatures present in HARVEY’s case that it has become the gold standard for recognizing future manufactured superstorms.  Even NASA’s own satellite video captured some of the telltale signs of geoengineering techniques.  As the following depiction clearly demonstrates, there were great outside forces at work to regenerate HARVEY into a powerful hurricane immediately after it made landfall on the Yucatan Peninsula.  Hitting land always takes away their stream, and yet look here: Satellite Shows Harvey Regenerate into a Hurricane (Video)

Hurricane Irma

Now we have Hurricane Irma cutting an extremely aggressive profile since her formation. In IRMA’s case, we saw a hurricane that was quite purposefully intensified to a Category 4 at one point of her trans-Atlantic journey.  A progressed Navy map portrays the various HAARP anomalies with IRMA which can only occur with manmade transmission bursts. The screenshots in the post below have captured these incriminating transmissions in glowing color.

Major HAARP Frequency Transmissions Showing Up Over Atlantic And Pacific Oceans

In fact, everything about IRMA thus far distinguishes it from your average Atlantic-spawned hurricane.  It’s unique behavior from the very start has set it apart for reasons that can only be explained as intentional weather manipulation.  There are often subtle signs and dramatic signatures alike that reflect the hand of human intervention via HAARP in storm-creation, some of which can be viewed in this telling video: Navy Map Shows Entire Planet Blanketed With HAARP Anomalies

Whenever the weather controllers are strong in their intention to terrorize a specific region of North America, you can bet that the final destination is very significant.  For instance, HARVEY was slammed into East Texas for so many transparent reasons (see this link: First HARVEY, Then IRMA). What locale IRMA ultimately targets will certainly further complete the New World Order agenda, that’s for sure.  Especially in light of Trump’s highly uncooperative presidency, the globalists are desperate to get things back on track, come hell or high water.

It seems that TPTB are determined to do anything possible to corral Trump into the pen of climate change compliance as set forth by the Paris Agreement.  The whole bunch of them — both UN and EU bureaucrats — are livid with rage, so angry are they at Trump for raining on their Paris parade.  Even the Pope and the Patriarch has been enlisted to draft a memo to the POTUS.[1]  Of course, now the whole world is witnessing the cabal’s revenge for Trump’s defiant act of independence in telling the unvarnished truth: NWO Cabal Uses HARVEY & IRMA to Promote CO2 Global Climate Change Scam

Fall of 2017

The late Summer and Fall of 2017 have been predicted to be a defining period in U.S. history. There are several reasons for this which are beyond the scope of this article; suffice to say, from now through the end of October the USA will see some extraordinary events and experience great challenges.  HARVEY is an example of but one of those.

It’s quite possible that the ruling cabal has something big planned with IRMA.  If not, there will be other fearsome superstorms fabricated in their geongineering laboratory. The way things are stacking up right now, IRMA could be used as a 9/11-scale event, depending on which coastline she hits.  In this manner, turbo-charged hurricanes are actually massive false flag attacks (read: superstorm invasions).  Mother Nature is blamed when a small inconsequential storm is transformed into a full-blown frankenstorm by the geoengineers.  Now that’s a false flag, if ever there was one.

Hurricane Irma’s projected path

Given that today is September 4th, by Monday, 9/11/17, IRMA could very well be knocking on someone’s door near the US mainland.  Therefore, it behooves every resident to pay close attention to the direction and development of IRMA.  As they have often done in the past, they unleash these mega-huricanes in threes or fours.  2005 saw the 3 sisters — Katrina, Rita and Wilma — hit the GOM coastal states; just like Florida experienced four major hurricanes — Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne — in 2004.

The crucial point here is that the geoengineers have been set up for a very active season. Except that “active” is really a euphemism for “devastating” in 2017.  That’s because there is so much more at work here.  The American people are being socially engineered by way of any and every means available.  Superstorm-induced PTSD is just one tool in the NWO toolkit that the globalists will use to manufacture consent according to the demands of their agenda.

Ultimate False Flag

Is there any other type of false flag terror operation more dangerous than those which blame monster storms on Mother Earth?  Not only do these superstorms destroy whole cities and displace thousands, they take over the political agenda pushing many other legitimate priorities way down on the list.  This is exactly what happens when unprovoked wars of aggression are waged across the planet as well.  Only in the instant case, it’s weather war and/or environmental terrorism that really chews up the budget.

However, the sword in this particular context clearly cuts both ways. Everyone knows that: “It’s not nice to fool [with] Mother Nature!”  So sooner or later, the geoengineering perps are going to receive their comeuppance.  Those who play god with the weather are also vulnerable to any eventuality as recompense.  And that kind of karma often busts one upside the head with a four by four when they least expect it.

For some reason the weather warriors and other geoengineering co-conspirators really believe they are not susceptible to such blowback.  They think they are invincible to the forces of nature because of their underground bunkers and alpine castles and luxury yachts.  Nevertheless, ultimately everyone receives their just desserts.

False flag operations such as geoengineered superstorms are of such enormity and gravity that they will soon be exposed and ended for good.  With each successive weather tragedy more and more people are waking up to the fact that they are being victimized by climate engineering.

As for the great people of Texas, they may very well be the ones who spearhead this global campaign to successfully take back our weather from those who have stolen it with their incessant chemtrailing.  Because the great state of Texas has been especially singled out in this regard, the needed changes may very well begin there. Will Texas use the Hurricane Harvey attack to shut down geoengineering?


As IRMA continues plotting her course, those living in the lower 48 ought to be very aware of all developing weather events for the rest of the Fall.  Having a prepared household and departure contingency plan worked out in advance is not a bad idea in these [VERY] interesting times.

As for 9/11/17: Get the word out about the all-out weather war that has come to our doorsteps. The more who are informed about this reality, the greater the likelihood that this ongoing [worldwide] weather warfare can be stopped, once and for all.  For starters, folks who are open can be sent the following eye-opening exposé: OPERATION CLOVERLEAF: The Most Dangerous Weapons Testing Program In World History.

If that one doesn’t do the trick, then this one certainly will: OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD: The Most Secret Covert Black Operation In World History

Knowledge is power in the present predicament that all of humanity finds itself in. Perhaps the geoengineering truth movement can begin by spreading this vital knowledge. The patriot movement can also do whatever possible to protect the homeland via the dissemination of this serious warning.

BAN Geoengineering And Chemtrails –> Globally  — (Photo:

State of the Nation
September 4, 2017

Author’s Note

In light of the meanings of the names of both “Harvey” and “Irma”, it’s ought to be obvious who chooses them.  Whereas the geoengineers do the manufacturing, their globalist overlords do the marketing.  A quick Google search will show that the old Germanic meaning of Irma is “War Goddess”.  Harvey means “Battle Worthy”.   As we have written, this hurricane season is all about weather warfare.  Even the The Weather Channel has been the recipient of Facebook comments regarding these provocative hurricane names.


[1] The Pope and the Patriarch Issue a Joint Message in the Wake of Harvey (Directed at President Trump)