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Organic Farmer Writes Letter To Gov. Jerry Brown: ‘Please Stop Chemtrail Spraying!’

Letter to California Governor Jerry Brown regarding Geoengineering

By Carre Brennan Otis Sutton

January 12, 2015

Dear Governor Brown,

As a lifetime citizen of the State of California, I was excited to hear your 4th term inaugural speech. The vows you took, the pledges you made and the promises you dictated to us made me hopeful that this State will continue to move in the right direction. Thank you.

When I heard you state that your duty is to protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic it spurred the motivation to send you this letter. There is a war going on in California and nation-wide and it is unhinging the very ecosystem that supports, feeds and protects us. This brings me to the subject of ‘Geoengineering’.

I write to you from the place of a concerned California citizen, mother of two and organic farmer. I was born in San Francisco 46 years ago and raised in Marin County. I have a long-standing relationship to this area, the community and all of the unique aspects it offers us. I am not the only citizen here that is watching in horror as our very ecosystem collapses. Our weather is manipulated, and the drought continues. We talk about ‘spare the air days’ and what we can do to make differences in our households as well as the automobiles we purchase and drive. But the science is out; the data is in and irrefutable. It is there for all to see. Yet it remains the elephant in the room; ‘geoengineering’.

I am certain that my mention of Geoengineering comes as no new news to you. Yet as I continue to introduce this concept into our community of farmers, and mothers and fathers and every other concerned citizen, it is met with appalling disbelief. Who would allow such an unregulated thing to occur? One that has such potential to devastate so much?

Our communities are beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together. There is a direct cause and effect. Crops are withering from drought as well as lack of sunshine. Children are becoming ill and asthmatic, and respiratory illnesses are on a rise as they never have been before. As a mother I observe my children coming down with high fevers and chronic coughs days after a big aerosol spray. The fact of the matter is that this war is going on overhead and affecting everything that exists here in California.

We now know that this unregulated spraying of toxic heavy metals in our blue skies has a direct impact on our lands and the health of all living beings. As well, we can watch like clockwork any weather system of potential precipitation in the forecast being directly affected by the onslaught of heavy Geoengineering resulting in the lack of rainfall and drought in California.

These toxic chemicals cannot be legal. How can they be regulated? They have not even been studied and tested as to the human health and ecological impacts.

Clearly you care. You care about the people of California, you care about our environment, and you care about the air and certainly our water supply. How can this enormous and obvious issue be overlooked?

How can we create a ‘no fly zone’ over our children and farmlands before it is too late to salvage any of this?

I am not one to beg but I am really asking you to take note, to step into an arena no one seems to want to touch. As a mother of two young girls and as a woman who has been born and raised in this community, I am asking you take this seriously and incorporate this issue into your vows of protecting us from the enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Thank you for your time Governor Brown.

In gratitude,

Carre Brennan Otis Sutton