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‘Alternative’ News Website Ridicules Chemtrail Groups


The following article was posted at The Raw Story — a left-leaning, alternative news platform. Their readers used to be the folks who were hard-core enviros; they genuinely cared about the state of the planet.  As would be expected, they took up all the traditional environmental causes and usually aligned with the big advocacy groups like Sierra Club.

Now that they have been so co-opted by the Obama political machine, any enviro cause that even appears to go against the current Administration position is reflexively dismissed or belittled.  No matter how real or legitimate the issue, The Raw Story will not even consider the reams of scientific evidence in support of the environmental mission.  Therefore, you can imagine their stance toward advocacy groups that ardently oppose the current US Federal Government geoengineering programs utilizing chemtrails and HAARP.

This political reflex has evolved into an ever-growing national phenomenon.  And it intensifies around some the most urgent matters facing the entire planetary civilization.  Because geoengineering is utilized effectuate weather modification and climate engineering, solar radiation management and stratospheric manipulation, it can’t help but bring about massive and often unanticipated changes here on Earth.

All we’re saying is who wants to be blind-sided by a tornado or typhoon, forest fire or brushfire, mudslide or rockslide.  That’s what the wild and wacky weather is now doing.  No matter where you live, life can surprise you with an out of season hurricane (remember Superstorm Sandy), unrelenting drought (see California & Texas), 1000 year flood (just about anywhere on Planet Earth), or supercell thunderstorm complete with tornado swarms (just about anywhere USA).

Really, we don’t think this ever-worsening global predicament is anything to mock or laugh at. Do you?

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AZ residents at chemtrail hearing: ‘We’re being sprayed like we’re bugs and it’s really not okay’

Citing a belief that the U.S. government is filling the sky over their desert community with chemicals, while referring to work of conspiracy theorist Russell Blaylock, western Arizona residents attended a hearing on chemtrails on Wednesday to voice their concerns.

With one woman stating, “We’re being sprayed like bugs and it’s really not okay,” Sherrie Zendri, a policy specialist with the Arizona state environmental agency attempted to explain to the audience that her department has no jurisdiction over airplanes, which falls under the purview of the Federal Aviation Administration.

The hearing, called by State Sen. Kelli Ward, was billed as an opportunity for her constituents to air their concerns about chemtrails; believed by some to be chemical agents being sprayed into the atmosphere by aircraft for nefarious purposes.

Telling the audience “I am not here to debate the science of aircraft engine emissions. I am not a scientist,” Zendri explained that she was at the meeting to explain her department’s jurisdiction limits and to make recommendations where citizens could go to have their concerns addressed.

While a few attendees asked questions about the range and scope of Zendri’s department’s abilities, most speakers took the opportunity to make statements and present research they uncovered while searching the Internet, while others attempted to get Zendri to go on the record with her personal opinion.

A sampling:

  • An unidentified man in camouflage pants cited 2011 House bill (HR2977), designed to inhibit the proliferation of space-based weapons, which listed chemtrails as a possible “exotic weapons system,” along with “extraterrestrial weapons, chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons.” [14:33 mark]
  • A gentleman hailing from Golden Valley asked if the rainwater for the area had been tested, before pointing out that many of the attendees have “very high levels of barium, aluminum and strontium, in their blood. People are getting sick and dying.” He then asked, if the high levels weren’t coming from “geoengineering,” shouldn’t her department being investigating it.   [19:33]
  • A man from Henderson asked. “Is it your belief that federal law trumps state law in all cases, even if it’s unconstitutional?” After Zendri cited the Supremacy Clause in the Constitution, the man replied, ” So all federal law trumps state law, according to the Supremacy Clause. Is that your belief? What if you were wrong on that?”  He then said “You don’t have to be a constitutional attorney to interpret the Constitution,” before accusing Zendri of “wrong-headed thinking.” [25:55]
  • A woman from Prescott stated she moved to the area four years ago, before explaining that she witnessed five family members and two friends die from brain tumors in the previous ten years. She then referenced the work of neurosurgeon and frequent Alex Jones radio guest Richard Blaylock, who has a documented history of blaming chemtrails for brain tumors. Blaylock has also claimed that the artificial sweetener aspartame causes multiple sclerosis, and warned against fluoride, vaccines, MSG, and aluminum cookware. [32:10]
  • A woman identifying herself as Roberta Schroeder said research on the Internet yielded a 1994 report from the U.S. Air Force regarding the usage of military aluminum chaff to confuse radar systems.  According to her, the chaff is released at a higher altitude and as chaff particles descend to Earth, chemicals from airliner contrails “adhere” to them creating a toxic mix [40:05].
  • Deborah from Mesa, explained, “This is not emissions from an airplane. That’s completely disinformation.  It doesn’t come from engines, this comes from spray nozzles that are retrofitted on airplanes.” She then asked if the ADEQ can inspect the planes while they are on the ground.[45:56]
  • A woman said, “I think that all of us for a long time have known that we’re  being sprayed. This is not contrails, contrails are very short. Chemtrails go along the sky,” before adding “Really, we are being sprayed like we’re bugs and it’s really not okay.” [46:42]
  • A woman identifying herself as a chiropractor from Lake Havasu, stated emphatically that there are “…nanopartical aluminum barium strontium as Russell Blaylock says. It goes straight up your olfactory nerve, into your brain,”  before telling Zendri, “You’re smirking the whole time here, telling us in, black box — stonewalling us this entire time, saying you can’t do anything. Our air is crap.”
  • A woman explained to other members of the audience that they don’t need a blood test to see if they’re affected. “There’s a simple test you can take with hydrogen peroxide and red wine in your mouth. And when you spit it out, you will see all those nanoparticles collect in the bowl. Every single one of you are affected.  Every single one.”[1:33:45]


Of course, the same website — The Raw Story — has no explanation at all for the following sky activity?!  Quite ignorantly they label this chemtrail pollution normal contrail activity.  What else can one say but:  Clueless to the extreme!