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CHEMTRAILS: What’s the real back story?

“Chemtrails” — What are they? And why are they spraying?


I first became aware of “Chemtrails” about 10 years ago when I started seeing these jets overhead, leaving criss crossed white lines in the sky that did not dissipate like contrails do. I am a retired flight attendant with Piedmont/US Air, and my father is a retired Pilot with United Airlines, so believe me when I tell you, that I know what the difference is between jet “contrails” and these “chemtrails.”

During this awakening process of realizing that my world what not what I had been told, I had become very ill. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, my Asthma had become unmanageable, I had multiple and very complex symptoms, including neurological deficits, cognitive issues, widespread pain, severe fatigue, and brain fog. We were noticing these strange fibers all over our patio furniture on days when the spraying was very heavy, and the skies became a murky grey mess of merging lines. I was alarmed, as was one of my neighbors.  My husband and kids at first thought I was crazy, as I researched these subjects over the next few years, always pointing out the abnormal sky to them.  The sky didn’t look like it did when I was young and I was determined to find out why. I’ve noticed that most people do not even look up these days, as they are glued to their phones or just unaware of what is really happening all around them. No doubt it is the programming of the masses, due to corporate controlled media, cell towers, and mass programming using whatever methods they can to keep control of the population.

If you are still trusting the government, or the news to have your best interest, you will be sadly deceived. The media is controlled, the weather channel lies, and it is all done with the guise to cover up a global disaster in the making.   I am here to show you the truth, and try to help you navigate this matrix, so that you and your family can be sheltered from the fallout of these evil lies. Here is the truth about these strange lines in the sky.  As it turns out, pilots and airline mechanics are also speaking out, although the effort to silence them is evident.  Global government is here, Weather modification is real, and the plan is more sinister than we could imagine. Read more below…

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