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Climate Engineering Using Chemtrails and HAARP Intensifies Global Climate Change

GLOBAL WARMING Is Reaching An Environmental Tipping Point

The position of this essay on the Global Warming issue is unequivocal; therefore, we highly recommend a complete reading especially for those who have their doubts.  The deleterious effects of Geoengineering via Chemtrails and HAARP on the weather patterns and regional climate trends around the globe is now conclusive and inarguable .  Look closely at all the destruction that Global Warming has inflicted on both cityscapes and landscapes alike.  The damage wrought by unrelenting Global Climate Change is becoming so severe and ubiquitous that many of the wars and armed conflicts across the planet are occurring as a direct result.

The photo below accurately reflects the current state of awareness of the world’s political class, as well as their commitment to act on Global Climate Change .  Not only are many politicians confused about the true causes of the relentless Global Warming pattern, they have a vested interest to act confounded.  Were they to simply open their eyes, they would see weather patterns that are completely unprecedented and unparalleled, wildly unpredictable and volatile.  Also, they would witness weather events of great consequence jumping off anywhere and everywhere they look across the planet.  Nevertheless, the capitals around the world are more preoccupied with debating whether Global Warming really exists!

This sculpture by Isaac Cordal in Berlin is called "Politicians discussing global warming."

This sculpture in Berlin by Isaac Cordal is called “Politicians discussing global warming”.

Global Hydrological Cycle has never been such disarray  

Clearly, the worldwide Hydrological Cycle (also known as the Water Cycle) has been on the fritz for the last few decades and shows no signs of normalizing.  What all the evidence demonstrates is an intensifying warming trend, which is having a dramatic effects on the continental, regional and local water cycles and their precipitation events.

Watching the local weather report will confirm this recurring situation, as extreme precipitation events become the new normal.  Five hundred year floods now happen twice in a decade, as do 1000 year deluges.  Now, only if the community of nations can come together and face these new and often brutal weather realities that are confronting every square inch of the planet.

For anyone who still does not believe that Global Warming is the predominant and overriding planetary meteorological trend, here are just a few 2014 headlines which might compel the unbeliever to reconsider:

World begins 2014 with unusual number of extreme weather events

French Foreign Minister: ‘500 Days to Avoid Climate Chaos’

Scientists warn of global warming’s abrupt changes

History Under Water: Climate Change Imperils Historic, Cultural Sites

April Ties For Hottest Ever On Record For The Globe

Northern hemisphere hits carbon dioxide milestone in April

Sea level rise forces US space agency to retreat

Esa’s Cryosat mission sees Antarctic ice losses double

Arctic Heat Wave Sets off Hottest Ever Winter-Time Temperatures, Major Melt, Disasters for Coastal and Interior Alaska

Temperatures In Alaska Are Warmer Than The Lower 48

Australia Is Melting Under a Horrifying Heatwave

Australia’s 2014 Heat Wave Picks Up Where 2013 Left Off

100 percent of California now in highest stages of drought

Fires erupt amid California heat wave

20,000 Homes Evacuated as Wildfires Burn Near San Diego

Drought-Stricken Texas Town Turns To Toilets For Water

At least 34 Texas Communities have less than a 90 day supply of water. A dozen could go dry in 45 days or less.

The Impact Of Climate Change On The Midwest: More Heat, More Droughts, More Floods, Fewer Crops

High Plains Burning Up as Record Heat Wave Bakes Area

HOTTEST SUMMER EVER: Shock long-range weather forecast for UK says 2014 will be a SCORCHER

Researchers forecast scorching summers ahead for Europe

Heat wave across North India as rest of the world braces for El Nino

Heatwave kills seven in Argentina

Weather Extremes : Heat Wave in Argentina, Flooding in Brazil

Worst ever floods in Balkans cause 3000 landslides

Death toll rises to 44 in worst ever Balkan flooding


Fabricated 'Polar Vortex' purposefully positioned over North America.

‘Global Cooling’ narrative underwritten by governments and corporation; disseminated by mainstream media to distract, divert and deceive. 

How are the above headlines reconciled with all the false stories trumpeting ‘Global Cooling’ last winter?  Does one winter season fraught with a few geoengineered snowstorms and ice storms constitute a new era of global cooling?  Manufacturing fake ice on top of the Great Lakes doesn’t make for a credible narrative, does it?  For that matter, the whole fraudulent ‘polar vortex’ storyline came and went like a flash in the pan.  A very hot pan known as Global Warming, which continues to be the dominant meteorological pattern on Planet Earth.

Perhaps the following article reveals what is really going on behind the scenes:

‘I Recant’ Says Author of Infamous Seventies Newsweek ‘Global Cooling’ Article

“There’s no serious dispute any more about whether the globe is warming, whether humans are responsible, and whether we will see large and dangerous changes in the future – in the words of the National Academy of Sciences – which we didn’t know in the 1970s,” said Michael Mann, a climatologist at Pennsylvania State University in University Park. He added that nearly every U.S. scientific society has assessed the evidence and come to the same conclusion.”

Now that the latest global cooling media craze has been exposed for the hoax that it was designed to be, the world can get back to the business of addressing the greatest challenge facing humanity — Global Warming.  In order to effectively embark on such a global initiative, there must be a general consensus among the community of nations as to both root cause and treatment.  Likewise, the scientific bodies on both hemispheres must reach a shared understanding as to the primary components of the Global Warming predicament.

Just as the geoengineers have been playing doctor with the Earth’s atmosphere, administering invasive interventions at every turn with chemtrail concoctions and HAARP frequencies, the real scientists must formulate a plan of action that substantially addresses the warming trends. Regardless of the nonstop catcalling and denial from the naysayers, the anthropogenic causes of Global Warming must be identified and proven beyond any doubt.  Otherwise, the continuing population explosion will only exacerbate the fundamental problem.

Clearly delineating the proportionate mix of various co-factors contributing to the anthropogenic component is the quickest way to moderate those factors which are controllable.  To persist in neglecting to address the major co-factors only wastes valuable time by kicking the can down the road — a road which can hit a deadend at any time.  Yes, it’s that serious!

Perhaps the climate deniers and warming deniers should be put on a bus and transported to the proverbial waterless region, because that is exactly what the world may be transformed into given further procrastination.  The same deniers might also talk to the good folks who live in areas that have been battered by droughts and wildfires, especially the countless forest fires and brush fires that have broken out west of the Mississippi.

Las Vegas: Sin City Turning Into A Waterless Region | The Millennium Report

Texas Drought


California Drought


California Wildfires


The Hydrocarbon Fuel Paradigm and the Technosphere

Because the current trajectories regarding global temperature, precipitation, pressure, greenhouse gases, among other significant meteorological metrics, find their source at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, it would seem necessary to start there. There is a very interesting and telling correlation between the increase in world population and the burgeoning use of hydrocarbon fuels, such as oil and natural gas, shown below.

This graph portrays what many throughout industrialized nations would like to ignore.  That the prevailing hydrocarbon paradigm has not only created an hospitable environment for the population explosion, but also that the ever-increasing utilization of more hydrocarbon energy has greatly contributed to the advancement of the technosphere.  As the various structures and systems, innovations and inventions of the technosphere have been incorporated throughout the modern civilization, they continue to make considerable contributions to the earth-warming trend.

So, too, do many of the other pervasive energy paradigms, such as nuclear power generation and fossil fuel, contribute significantly to Global Warming.  Consider for example how much water is needed to cool down one nuclear reactor.  Likewise, hydroelectric plants and biomass incinerators, hospital incinerators and industrial smokestacks add to the heat quotient running 24/7 as they do.

Then consider all the other human activity and manmade contraptions which generate heat — awesome amounts of heat when considered in the aggregate, all of which must be processed by a rather finite system known a Planet Earth.  For instance, all the residential and commercial HVAC systems do their part at influencing the typical urban heat index.  So do motor vehicles and jet airliners, trains and subways.

Then there are ocean liners, oil supertankers, cruise ships and river barges.  Let’s not forget the vast assortment of other heat-producing gadgets and equipment like lawn mowers and outdoor grills, power saws and weed whackers.  The list is endless, and cannot be discounted because of how big the planet is.  Every source of heat inevitably affects the overall system.  However, it is the pollution poured into the air by all of these technospheric toys which then imbalances the natural atmospheric dynamics that keeps things cooled down.  Of course, chopping down all the rainforests hasn’t helped this predicament either.

Shall we go on for those who refuse to believe in the anthropogenic causes of Global Warming?  The basic laws of physics clearly illustrate that the massive amounts of heat and energy and light generated by civilization must be processed.  So do the greenhouse gases and air pollution produced by industry and infrastructure.  Oil drilling in the seven seas triggers mammoth methane releases in addition to the upsurging and ultra-hot hydrocarbon effluent.  As does the hydro-fracking of land masses create it own heat-producing dynamic.

When studying this chart, remember that virtually none of this human activity existed before the Industrial Revolution began in the 1800s.  Therefore, a LOT has changed, particularly in the last hundred years.


Here’s another graph charting the positive correlation between world population and total carbon emissions.

There is no greater threat to the biosphere, and therefore to human life, than geoengineering.  Because geoengineering has substantially intensified the current trend of Global Climate Change, it must be suspended immediately.  Throwing fuel on the fire of obvious and ubiquitous Global Warming is setting up the planetary environment for much unnecessary destruction and injury to every form of life.

The “pharmaceutical approach” taken by the geoengineers is, at once, dangerously short-sighted and ignorant of the most basic scientific principles.  It is certain to bring about huge unintended consequences, just like medication drugs often do.  Furthermore, the people who live under chemtrailed skies are guaranteed to suffer from all the toxic side effects which are caused by the indiscriminate, systematic, wide-area spraying of chemical aerosols.  The animal life and plant kingdom will likewise suffer varying degrees of collateral damage.

The systematic utilization of chemtrails and HAARP to conduct climate engineering will only produce the results expected from any bad experiment gone awry.  The problem, however, is that the “explosion in the lab” is not limited to a university laboratory; this ongoing geoengineering experiment will profoundly affect the entire global atmosphere for generations to come.

Our position is that the future of the human race now hangs in the balance, as does the fate of the planet.  While Mother Earth can take good care of herself and can probably use a serious makeover, her necessary cleansing and rejuvenation will deeply affect nations large and small.  Standing at the threshold of so much planetary transformation ought to inspire humankind to respond in a manner that is both responsible and collaborative, decisive and bold.  Do we want to be part of the problem, or part of the solution to this awesome and quite challenging planet-wide predicament?

State of the Nation
Submitted: July 4, 2014


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