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Radioactive Chemtrails: Thorium Oxide and Geoengineering

In a Hughes Aircraft Company patent, US 5003186A (1990-1991), it is described how the radioactive compound thorium oxide is being used “for the reduction of global warming.” As is always the case, also in this patent human activity is being blamed for that warming. After all, they have to uphold the scam and the fraud was only picking up speed back in the 90s compared to today when the INGSOC-like brainwashing has been shifted into high gear by the most infamous, corrupt and pedophile-laden organizations like the United Nations.

The Hughes Aircraft Company later became Raytheon property and so the patent most likely had the same destination.

Thorium oxide is a health hazard, that is why it has been removed from many applications where it was once used.

Whether or not the practices as described in the patent are being conducted may be up for debate but of course it is very likely that thorium and/or thorium oxide are indeed being used in geoengineering activities by Raytheon and co because this is a market segment that involves a lot of money, a lot like in billions of dollars.

How one interprets Raytheon’s own desciption of its environmental solutions may also vary from person to person, depending on one’s ability to read between the lines and observe behind the corporate lingo:

  • “At Raytheon, our Weather, Water & Climate solutions leverage 40 years of proven performance to keep customers one step ahead of these forces at all times.”
  • “For more than 40 years, Raytheon’s innovative sensing, communications, processing, visualization and decision support solutions and technologies have provided decision makers and disaster managers with environmental information to solve specific problems such as tracking storm forecasts, climate change, ocean temperature anomalies and atmospheric disturbances.”
  • “As extreme weather events become more frequent and severe, Raytheon’s environmental solutions, coupled with our company research and technology capabilities, provide a complete source of powerful tools that can help manage the uncertainties about our planet’s environment.”

Surely there are also many reports from watchful citizens who are taking notes as they observe the chemtrail activities around the world. Lets throw these reports on the same pile, together with the above patent and the Raytheon sales pitch.

However one looks at it, honestly, it’s quite impossible to get rid of the impression that corporations like Raytheon are drooling when they think about the money they can make with both manipulating (DESTROYING) the climate and selling their “solutions.” In fact no speculation is needed here since Raytheon is already bragging about it in the media. It wouldn’t be any surprise at all when it came out that they have invested in catastrophe bonds as well, it would only make sense. If we can think of it then they surely can too.

Such corporations get a kick out off it when they can rake in the billions when fabricated or enhanced “natural” disasters occur like frankenstorm Sandy or Katrina, a storm that left even researchers at NASA with some very hard questions to answer.

People can debunk this and they can deny that, it’s their right to do so. But just consider this. When corporations, government agencies and deceptive groups can and do trigger earthquakes and tsunamis on purpose and facilitate the coverup like in Japan and Mexico, how easy and what a walk in the park it must be for them to put some chemicals in the air to disrupt the natural climate in order to pull one of the biggest and most successful Kansas City Shuffles with ease.

Also good to know is that in the early 1990s APTI was awarded a contract to work on the HAARP facility (before it was acquired by BAE in 2003), APTI was first acquired by E-Systems in June of 1994. In 1995 E-Systems, and therefore APTI as well, was acquired by Raytheon. So Raytheon is also linked to HAARP which makes a perfect match with their geoengineering activities, aside from all their other government and defense contracts of course.

But today even HAARP can be regarded as old school stuff since ionospheric research facilities have been in continuous use since the 1950s.” More powerful and more secretive options ARE available.

Now throw all if this also on that same pile with the citizen reports, the patent and the Raytheon sales pitch. Debunking and denying this would now be the same as debunking one’s own intelligence and denying one’s own being.