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FIREGEDDON: An Open Letter to the Great People of California…

…and especially to our friends in Hollywood and Silicon Valley

Surely you folks get it by now.

Your once Golden State is being charred black by one ‘wildfire’ season after another.

Each successive year brings firestorms that are worse than the previous.

Have you folks even taken time to look at the evidence?

Have you even once questioned the official narrative or considered the true causes of these engineered fire calamities?

If not, please, PLEASE, check out the photographs in this photo-documentary.
Photos of Catastrophic Damage Caused by the California Wildfires

If those pics resonate in any way, we highly recommend you take some time to read the article featured below.

A Special Report on the California Firestorms

While this particular perspective on your statewide predicament may appear to be a little conspiratorial, in light of the photos you just saw, how can there not be an extremely serious back story?

Let’s be very real for the rest of this open letter.

The state of California is literally under attack.  It has been for several years now, at least as long as Jerry Brown has been governor.

Some say these attacks are carried out with Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs).  Other say that fire-starting drones are used while others assert satellite-based lasers.  There’s no question that arsonists are often involved, but not the kind that you might think.

One thing is certain about the annual wildfire seasons (there are 2 now): they are not at all natural events; they are manmade.

Which begs the question: Who is making these firestorms more and more deadly and destructive?

This is an inquiry that every Californian ought to be asking themselves as well as each other.

Your state is being systematically destroyed.  Residents are being dislocated by the hundreds of thousands.  Thousands of homes are being burnt to the ground.  Hundreds of businesses are being leveled.  Vehicles are being torched and gutted.  And many more residents are being killed on the spot than the government is saying.

These cataclysms are now occurring regularly twice, not once, every year.

We implore you to take a close look at the reams of evidence now available on the Internet.

It’s all there so that the next necessary step can be taken.  Those who are behind these devastating attacks on people and property, homes and businesses must be identified and apprehended.

Not to follow the evidence wherever it leads will only seal the fate of California.  And eventually doom the other 49 states.

For those who want to know more about the secret plan for your state, please read the following exposé: CALIFORNIA FIRESTORMS: Who’s geoengineering the statewide conflagration and why?

That article was posted right after the last spate of firestorms in July of 2018.  Now here’s one that was recently published after the November conflagrations. CALIFORNIA FIRESTORMS GEOENGINEERED: Here’s why and who’s doing it

Look it, we’re writing this letter out of grave concern.

Each and every individual in California is now vulnerable to these deliberately unpredictable DEW attacks.

They can strike without a moment’s notice as many horrible deaths have demonstrated.

The pervasive and complete loss of property, which the aftermaths invariably show, is simply unprecedented in American history.

Even if a homeowner has been fortunate to avoid any major losses, his or her house sits in the middle of a veritable war zone.  And those circumstances will not change quickly because the whole state is constantly experiencing one disaster after another.

Do you get the picture?

We are all in this together.

You folks who work in Hollywood or Silicon Valley are just as vulnerable now as the next resident in heavily wooded Northern California.

The worst of these infernos no longer discriminates between the rich and the poor, between the powerful and the weak.  Just look at Malibu!  Smell the fire smoke wafting through San Fran and Silicon Valley.  Or through the other Valley down south and San Diego.

If the thought leaders throughout Hollywood and Silicon Valley decided to question these fires as a group, think of the critical revelations that could be made to your fellow residents.  Those would be life-saving for friends and families, business associates and casual acquaintances.

Not only must you do this for your own safety and livelihoods, you really ought to do it for your neighbors.  Otherwise, many more will die terrible deaths, lose their homes, find themselves jobless and promptly bankrupted.

If ever there was a time for the Right and the Left to come together, this is it.  Both are facing existential threats as never before.

The hidden powers behind these false flag terrorist attacks in California (that’s exactly what they are) can easily confront one side or the other, but not both of US.

They have quite purposefully divided the nation in that way to keep us from unifying against very real dangers that lurks in so many places … … … like all over California. (See link below.)

CA Bar Mass Shooting: Another Act of State-Sponsored False Flag Terrorism

Thank you for taking the time to read this plea.  Those of us who wholeheartedly support this letter feel much better that a sincere attempt has been made to reach out to our brothers and sisters in the once Golden State.

Please know that we are from every state in the union, but
today WE ARE ALL CALIFORNIANS.  Each and every one
of US.

Of course, we are also all Americans who long for a united country, and especially one that’s not under constant attack by powers both foreign and domestic.


Your Fellow American Neighbors