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Lawsuit Aimed at Stopping the Legalization Of Geoegineering



by Michael J.Murphy

The proponents of climate change policy and geoengineering are moving fast. We must act quickly to stop them before it’s too late! We are moving forward with our plan to file a lawsuit(s) to stop geoengineering, but we need your help. We are in Phase One of our legal campaign. The objectives in this phase are to raise the funds necessary for our legal counsel to investigate the causes of action that will constitute our case-in-chief, to determine the jurisdiction(s) where we will file suit, and to develop and recruit the right legal team to successfully litigate and try the lawsuit(s). The lead attorney will vet and select qualified lawyers from throughout the country to ensure that we secure top talent who are committed to our long-term objectives. Receiving the necessary funding is the first step in ensuring that our team is properly equipped with the right people and the right tools to succeed. Well-thought strategy, planning and execution in prosecuting the lawsuit(s) is critical as it could be our only chance at legally stopping geoengineering in time to make a difference for the present and for generations to come.

If geoengineering is already occurring, why is it necessary to take legal action to stop these programs?

Legal action may be the only hope for stopping geoengineering. Paris and other climate agreements have goals of creating legally binding agreements that, if successful, will most likely legalize geoengineering programs without due process of law. When this occurs, it will remove or severely hamper our ability to take any form of legal action.  Also, because there are various corporations and governments around the world that incur damages related to geoengineering and climate mandates, our goal is to unify these powers with our efforts.

For more information, please check out the trailer below:

What’s the overall strategy?

Our two previous films, Why in the World Are They Spraying? (2010) and What in the World Are They Spraying? (2012) were largely informational. In Unconventional Grey, we intend to go further by promoting support for legal action to stop geoengineering through the courts of law.

Because geoengineering programs are designed to manipulate our weather and change the temperature of our planet and have been ongoing for several decades, it makes it impossible to determine whether the planet is warming or cooling. Current climate models  (which source Co2 as the cause of our changing climate) are being used to implement carbon taxes and mandates at a rapid-fire pace, as well as prompting discussion, planning and the very real threat of legalizing geoengineering around the world outside of the legislative process. While current mandates have caused damages that may be limited only to local regions, recently passed climate agreements when fully implemented will result in losses and damages to billions of people around the world. Also, because no climate models to date include geoengineering (a very large factor in climate change), it makes them flawed and therefore cannot properly be a basis for this huge transfer of monetary and political power. This transfer of power is threatening to regional governments and corporations to varying degrees.

Our objectives are aimed at, among other things, obtaining court injunctions to stop mandates and taxes until geoengineering is stopped. These objectives provide the dual benefit of appealing not just to concerned citizens like us, but to large corporate interests and other governments around the world. As our legal actions gains traction, we believe some of these corporations and other government interests will eventually support our efforts.

What can I do to help?

Support the cause by making the most generous donation you can! Then spread the word among family and friends and anyone else in your network that you believe will share our passion. Our opponents have near-unlimited resources and we must be sufficiently funded to ensure that we can go the distance in our lawsuit. Our current fundraising campaign is intended to cover Phase One, as outlined above. The goal for Phase One is to raise $40,000. Future phases will be designed to retain the full legal team; to prepare for litigation, including exhausting administrative remedies, if applicable, before filing suit; to initiate lawsuits, including a possible class action lawsuit; and to sustain the litigation through trial, as necessary. Our legal counsel will retain meticulous records so that we can provide periodic updates on amounts received, as well as budgeting and how those moneys are being spent.

We can prevail. We must prevail! Please join the cause today.