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Every U.S. Military Chemtrail Pilot Needs to Read This


“It is not so important that everyone be
as good as you; as that there be some
absolute good somewhere; 
 for that
will leaven the whole lump.”

— Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience

We are citizens, and we are airmen,
And we’re honored to wear our wings.
And we fly the big wide blue to cheers
Of throngs beneath us, safer we believe:
Mothers, children, neighbors, friends, and peers.
And yes, all those home-town beauties,
Looking up, like flowers in a summer field,
At only us—as at the fierce warm blessings
Of their loving brother sun. 
We swear, it seems they’re proud of us,
And proud to wear our rings!

Yes, we’re flyboys; we’re patriots
And “heroes,” some would say;
Though things are simpler
Where our talons cut with white the big wide blue;
We’re flyboys and we follow one simple golden rule:
Wherever our leaders point, we fly,
And what our commanders says, we do.
Just like old gritty Legionnaires,
We do not question where we go,
Nor, for that matter, any whence or why.

So, when the Chief Commander calls to say:
“Go spray your homeland skies
With chemtrails full of toxic goo.”
No questions asked, we simply go, and do.
The Chief knows best the use of supersonic tools,
And we’re just proud to play his flying fools.

Yes, we’re flyboys, we’re patriots
And “heroes,” some would say,
Though we’ll not darken our happy skies
With questions far above the part we play:
Like whence the millions, billions, come, and why?
Besides, we’re just glad to up our pay. And anyway,
The whole darn country loves our flashy ways!
So who are we to question “why”
We cut the big wide blue with deadly grays?

We’re simple flyboys and we simply fly,
And heed our golden rule.
Thus, when our commanders say,
“Don’t talk. It’s ‘classified;’ just go and do!”
No questions asked, we’re proud to poison all beneath us:
Mothers, children, neighbors, lovers, friends, and you,
With pretty chemtrails full of toxic goo.
Yes, a pretty cocktail mixed by God knows who—
Perhaps some secret, “classified,”
Well-paid Halliburton crew.

And if you say, “It’s wrong, and voids the Constitution too!”
“Well, it’s simple,” we’ll say. “It’s classified.
It’s secret, and they’re Generals too!
They know more than common folk, like you!”
“And, well,” we’ll meekly say, “because they told us to.”
Isn’t that ‘The Golden Rule?’

Yes, we’re flyboys. They call us “patriots,”
And “heroes” too, though in our hearts we know,
We’re simply traitors and yellow cowards—
Camouflaged in blue,
And, sadly, that it isn’t true.

Yes, we’re flyboys, if not neighbors,
Proud to barter gold for brass,
And, come what may, refuse to speak the truth,
Pretend those fluffy rends are full of empty gas,
And look the other way.
Yes, wave Old Faithful—yellow, white, and blue—
And look the other way.
So, when our children look to us,
With honest faces full of honest pride,
We’ll smile, though sadly,
And quickly look the other way.

Yes, we bravely spray the big wide blue
With chemtrails dripping toxic goo.
And someday, maybe, if we’ve got the stuff,
When we fly up into that final quiet blue,
We’ll have this final consolation too:
We’ll know that in this life
We reached the very stars, yes,
In the quiet comfort of the after-years,
We will recall those happy days
We cut with white the big wide blue,
Those days, I mean,
Before they gave us stars,
And made us traitor-generals too.

© Diogenes (aka Guy Dubeau)
[Permission to use and reprint this for public information is freely given by the author.]

The truly heroic spirit is rooted in one very simple idea: there are some things that are more important than life itself. Nor is the bravest act always an act of physical courage. Often, since it is easier to die for something that all fools agree on, than to live in opposition to the many, bravery means simply to speak out—everything else being just a cheap and unmanly concession to an unthinking “mass of men.” So, to that solitary individual who is listening, military or civilian, I have this question: who took from you your right, and your responsibility, as a free American, to speak? Or, put differently, when did it come about that, in order to protect the flag, I require to give up the very rights that it signifies? Natural Law says that “a house divided cannot stand,” and yet we yield, stupidly, when our so called “leaders” tell us that in order to protect Freedom we must give up the same! Because such “logic” is not from Nature, it has no natural end. Therefore, no such monstrous contradiction should ever be allowed to motivate a thinking people. But, as an American firebrand once said, “When the United States gets Fascism, it will call it anti-fascism.” He was right and that is exactly where we are. Or are you thinking, as I did when I was fresh from the American school system: “Our government wouldn’t lie to us.” But how can that be when our system of checks and balances upon government was developed precisely because the Founders knew that, humankind being what it is, unchecked power would tend to abuse? In our schools however, instead of a tutorial on this wisdom, we get hearts and flowers and the myth, factually false, of righteous American egalitarianism. Indeed, it is my theory that we are required to stay in American schools for so long precisely because it takes about 12 years to make us that stupid! And when that doesn’t work we have colleges and universities to finish us off. One final question: How long can a stupid and unthinking mass, devoid of individuals, last as a free republic? To suggest an answer to my own question, probably only until the culture of corporate-industrial greed has, with our consent, picked clean the bones of the Grand Experiment. How sad. In my view, the Truth of it, the real heart and soul of America, is already gone.
If, however, there remains some tenuous hold upon the Truth, and therefore some hope, please remember that any change not rooted in Truth has a negative value, spiritually and socially. So, to my solitary reader, as Rilke put it, in the presence of Truth “you must change your life;” take your stand then upon a timeless and universal Natural Law, as found in our own Constitution and in the scriptures of the world, and simply speak out. Change begins within and therefore only solitary individuals, one by one, can make a difference. Change begins therefore only with those who choose to do so. This means that it begins with you! It has always been this way and will always be so. Therefore the voices that tell you, and they are legion, “the world is new since 9/11,” are the fascist voices of the Devil asking you to give your allegiance to something other than Natural Law. Do not believe it. The world has not changed. Nothing is new, or has ever been new, in the heart of Man—except in solitary individual hearts—hearts that turn from the lie. Nor, by the way, has the Constitution been altered. The last I heard it is still lying there (under glass and for all to see!) waiting for true citizens to remember it—waiting for men and women who have the courage to actually use it. Speak out then. Simply speak out. That is the truly heroic, the truly American, thing. Consult with your own heart-mind on this matter; then make yourself One with the truth of it. A house divided cannot stand.

Submitted by GD/JWC