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Do Geoengineering And Nuclear Radiation Intensify Each Other’s Harmful Effects

Geoengineering and the Nuclear Connection

Chemtrails and the Nuclear Connection

By Ethan Indigo Smith and Andy Whiteley

Contributing Writer and Founder of Wake Up World

The complexity of nuclear experimentation is beyond the pale of postmodern human comprehension. It also reveals, although we would like to believe otherwise, our inability or unwillingness to consider the unseen. Whether it is invisible because of ethereal origins or because it is nano-sized poison does not matter; collectively we tend to obfuscate the unseen. Nuclear experimentation also reveals our collective inability to conceptualize time, and to understand just how long nuclear radiation lasts in our environment – and how long our karma lasts.

This short-sightedness was not always the case. Indigenous cultures across Turtle Island, A.K.A. North America, knew they would one day return home to the spirit world, and that their stay here on Earth was equivalent to the blink of an eye. So they considered the Rule of Seven Generations when implementing procedures that would alter the planet in any way, beginning with harvesting herbs, to ensure their society’s long term sustainability. In fact, the indigenous cultures were so considerate of their people’s future as to make sure there would be enough herbs left seven generations from the harvest. Understanding their place in the delicate ecosystem, the Turtle Islanders contemplated the unseen and the distant future, always.

Today we have collectively foregone such considerations. And it was no accident that brought us here.

The Seen and the Unseen

In order for institutions to institute a military industrial complex, a prison industrial complex, a pharmacological industrial complex and so on, humanity had to become disconnected from its unseen reality. Whether ethereal or too small to fathom, we have been conditioned over time to disbelieve in the unseen, to trust only 5 of our senses, and to prize rational logic (which cannot itself perceive the unseen) over intuition. Then, with only ‘the seen’ at front of the collective mind, the unseen dangers of nuclear industry experimentation have become whitewashed in public discussion, and radiation monitors disabled by government, while unprecedented levels of radioactivity poisons our only world.

It is an inarguable fact that nuclear radiation and life on our planet cannot co-exist in the same space. It is another inarguable fact that nuclear radiation takes hundreds of thousands of years to break down, creating life-threatening environmental conditions not just today, but for seven thousand generations to come. Yet, despite the industry’s inability to avoid total meltdowns every few years, nuke advocates continue to espouse nuclear as a “safe” energy alternative, employing a program of pseudo-science to confuse the logical minds of humanity, creating the scene for these dangerous yet financially profitable (to some) practices to continue. Many pro-nukers even go so far as to suggest that ‘low dose’ nuclear radiation is somehow good for us! But understand, this theory – known as the “Hormesis Effect” – is deliberate industry quackery, and anyone who tells you radiation is good for you is either an industry stooge, or has been conned by one.

It has been well proven through both science and history that the human body (correctly) perceives radiation as a threat to its existence. If you don’t believe this premise, ask the good folks of Chernobyl, Hanford, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima (among myriad others). The external threat of radiation sends the human body’s immune response into overdrive. The short term result of this intense immune activity can be the improvement of other existing ailments, but our immune systems are not designed to run permanently in this state of stress so, as radiation exposure continues, health inevitably deteriorates.

Studies have clearly linked radiation exposure to increased rates of cancer, thyroid damage, skin complaints, endocrine disruption, pregnancy issues (such as miscarriage) and emotional trauma, which itself negatively impacts the body.[source] In 2012, “nearly 36 per cent of children in the nuclear disaster-affected Fukushima Prefecture had abnormal thyroid growths.” [source]

“This leak is very serious,” said Dr. Janette Sherman, an Alexandria, Virginia-based physician who specializes in radioactive and toxic exposure. Dr. Sherman, who edited an in-depth study of health effects on cleanup workers in the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster in the former Soviet Union, said she is concerned that the cleanup crew at Fukushima Daiichi may face long-term health risks. She also raised the prospect of the radiation’s as-yet unknown effects on fish and other marine life in the Pacific. [source]

Fukushima radioation test 2011
A Greenpeace team member holding a Geiger counter displaying radiation levels of 5.78 microsievert per hour outside Fukushima city on March 27, 2011. Radiation levels far exceed exposure limits considered “safe” for the 400,000 strong human population below.

In 1990, Dr. Keith F. Baverstock, then Head of the Department for Radiation and Health at the European office of the WHO, visited the Gomel Region of Belarus, an area significantly affected by nuclear fall-out from the Chernobyl disaster. At the time, Dr. Baverstock noted the dramatic increase in disease, especially in very young children. Writes Baverstock:

Children exposed to Chernobyl fallout were experiencing chronic adult diseases of the respiratory and blood systems, gastritis, nervous system diseases, cardiovascular diseases and other diseases of internal organs. In general, in 1991, the level of serious illness in children was about 6 to 7 times above normal.

In reality, no one on this planet would engage in nuclear experimentation if they valued the unseen, the spiritual and the ethereal. No one would engage in nuclear experimentation if they practised the Rule of Seven Generations. No one would engage in nuclear experimentation if they valued life on Earth over unnecessary toxic energy systems and destructive devices of war.

We digress from our hypothesis, but feel it’s important to note how the following problem was allowed to occur — by the transformation of our collective mind state from a culture rooted in localized permaculture and sustainable practices into a barbarous war culture that knowingly poisons its environment in the name of energy and armory, and then wonders why ill health is so prevalent.

It is also important to point out that nuclear experimentation knows no borders; it negatively impacts all life, and destroys entire sections of our planet’s interconnected ecosystem. Nuclear experimentation is therefore not a means to self-support, or self-defense, but an attack on everything — on life itself.

The Effects of Radiation on Our Health

The Nuclear Fallout

There have been 2,000 atomic and nuclear detonations on every strata of earth since the first experiment in New Mexico, July, 1945 and the two most infamous devices dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki later that summer. That makes 70 years of radiological contaminationfrom nuclear detonation experiments alone, each one inevitably releasing billions of atomic echoes we cannot comprehend entirely. The Manhattan Project scientists actually debated amongst themselves whether or not the detonation would cause a chain reaction igniting the entire atmosphere, but did it anyway. After the blast there was a radiated ‘blast zone’, an area destroyed forever, and also radioactive fallout that fell well beyond the designated blast zone; deadly dust kicked up by, and elements formed in, the detonations.

Fallout defined:

a) Radioactive particles that are carried into the atmosphere after a nuclear explosion and gradually fall back as dust or in precipitation.

b) The adverse results of a situation or action.

What is not realized about this definition is that not all of that nuclear garbage actually ‘falls out’. Some of the dust and radioactive elements are so light that they do not actually fall out but remain in our atmosphere, dramatically altering its complexion. In fact the airborne radioactive waste from the era of nuclear detonation experiments has only now saturated the atmosphere, and spread out evenly. Meanwhile, the radiation that does fall from the atmosphere does not break down, but accumulates in soil and water, poisoning everything it touches in perpetuity.

Meanwhile, the ongoing Fukushima disaster could further increase the problem of atmospheric contamination by continuing to spew radiation into the sea. When radioactive material hits the minerals in sea water, it creates a chemical reaction. Ultimately these elements may trigger so many reactions that they become nano sized particles, and when this occurs, the elements then mingle with all other elements, upsetting the natural balance of nature.

Chemtrails - the Nuclear Hypothesis - Ocean Contamination

As we know, the oceans are a primary source of oxygen and other vital atmospheric components. According to a recent report, “most of Earth’s oxygen comes from tiny ocean plants – called phytoplankton – that live near the water’s surface and drift with the currents.” Now add to this environment at least 300 tons of radioactive waste per day, for over 3½ years [source] and the ocean is now itself a source of radioactive elements, poisoning ocean life and reaching back into our breathable atmosphere.

And again, the cycle continues, with some radiation falling out (through precipitation) into soil and water and some remaining in the atmosphere, where it will continue to cycle through our ecosystem for millennia – with disastrous affect.

Alarmingly, Ken Buesseler, a senior scientist with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution analyzed thousands of samples of fish from the Fukushima area in mid-2013, and found that the makeup of the radioactive material leaking from the ailing facility had changed since the initial 2011 disaster. He noted that the initial leak included a high concentration of cesium isotopes — which, like all radionuclides, results in increased risk of cancer [source] — however the pollution now flowing into the North Pacific ocean is proportionally much higher in strontium-90, a substance that is considered one of the more hazardous constituents of nuclear wastes and is absorbed differently by the human body than cesium. Exposure to Sr-90 is linked to bone cancer, cancer of the soft tissue near the bone, and leukemia. [source]

Geoengineering – a Force Multiplier

Geoengineering (including chemical spraying practices known colloquially as “Chemtrails”) refers to the stratospheric aerosol (SAG) spraying programs which inject highly toxic chemicals and vast quantities of heavy metals into the Earth’s atmosphere. Although this program is not publicly discussed by government and military, overwhelming evidence has been gathered by independent researchers the world over, which thoroughly documents the means through which global weather patterns are deliberately being manipulated.

“Contrails” by comparison are the short condensation trail that briefly follows commercial airliners. Unlike contrails, geoengineering particulate leaves a thick plume of smoke that is visibly blown from nozzels, not engines, fitted to the wings of commercial and non-commercial (military and unmarked) airliners. Geoengineering clouds also linger in the atmosphere for long periods of time – several hours – something that is not characteristic of water condensation, which disperses within seconds (just like your breathe on a cold winter day.)

So let’s suspend judgment for a moment, disregard the conspiracy/complacency theories that have been carefully crafted around the word “chemtrails”, and look in detail at what we actually know…

chemtrail or contrail - geoengineering and the nuclear connection

In 1996, a research paper, dangerously entitled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025” was presented to the United States Air Force “to comply with a directive from the chief of staff of the Air Force”. It explicitly outlines that the government’s motivation to engage in global weather modification practices (quaintly titled “geoengineering”) is “to remain the dominant air and space force in the future”, built on the premise that if you control weather conditions, you better control the population. The geoengineering program is no more than a military “force multiplier”, developed at our expense and without our consent, by the world’s political and financial elite to further the agenda of global control.

But when it comes to weather modification and nuclear programs, that sense of “control” is a dangerous illusion. The untold effects of chemical spraying on human and environmental health mirror those of the failing nuclear experiment, while the cumulative damage created by both programs is potentially exponential. Meanwhile, institutional rhetoric and a deliberate public culture of ignorance dominate discussion of this issue (we can already hear the mindless chanting of the old “tin foil hats” chestnut) continues to serve this agenda.

When the public is poorly educated, their minds are easily controlled – through fear and belittlement of the truth. This tactic has been successfully employed by complacency theorists for centuries. How much more do you want to be deceived?

Thankfully, the scientific community isn’t just bending over and accepting these dangerous lies.

Scientists Speak Out

Francis Mangels

Retired USDA soil conservationist and wildlife biologist (and organic gardener) Francis Mangels worked for the U.S. Forest Service for over 35 years. He undertook a program of testing the soil in heavily chem-sprayed Lake Shasta area, and found dangerously high levels of aluminum, barium and strontium in soil samples. None of these metals should be present in our soil. Although Mangels noted that “the normal concentration [of these chemicals] in our rains should be zero”, he notes that “these levels are now 10,000 parts per billions [ppb]” in some soil tests. [source]

An expert in his field, Mangels attributes pH over 10-times the alkalinity of normal soil on huge increases of aluminum oxide.