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SOTN Editor’s Note
A highly consequential global climate change conference recently took place in Paris, France.  Several concerned activists, including activist Michael Murphy, attended this meeting in order to better understand the hidden agenda behind the extraordinary drive to pass sweeping global climate legislation.  The primary stated purpose of this new regime of international laws and treaties is to exert absolute control over CO2 emissions at both the macro and micro levels throughout planet Earth.

If successful, national governments and transnational corporations everywhere will be subjected to mandates and legislation limiting their CO2 emissions and carbon production.  So will cities and towns, households and businesses.  However, carbon control is not the only purpose behind this major item on the NWO (New World Order) agenda.  In fact, there is a much greater objective concerning all of their endeavors to foist an overarching Global CO2 ‘Management’ Regime (aka One World Government) on the entire planetary civilization. The following essay reveals those true goals and clandestine purposes in some detail.

NWO Cabal Pursues Total Dominion Over The Earth’s Weather And Natural Resources

The most disconcerting upshot of this conference has been well articulated by the following open letter written by Michael Murphy.  It’s clear from the various discussions in Paris with scientists and politicians from around the world that something very big is about to happen in the realm of global climate change and geoengineering.  Many now question whether it is truly for the greater good, or just another way of controlling and taxing the people.


When Geoengineering operations are conducted via Chemtrails and HAARP around the globe 24/7 (as illustrated in the above photo), how can such destructive and ubiquitous alterations of weather patterns and climate trends be left out of the global climate change discussion?

Answer: They can’t be, except by willful blindness and/or deliberate negligence.

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Letter from Michael Murphy as follows:


Dear Fellow Chemtrail/Geoengineering Activists,

I am writing to share what I have learned, as well as express my concerns, after attending the “Our Common Future Under Climate Change” in Paris, France last week. This meeting was the precursor to a global climate agreement and global government which, if allowed to form, will essentially become a carbon dictatorship whereby every aspect of our lives will be controlled by the corporate/governmental complex. The planned signing of this global climate agreement is scheduled to occur this coming December in Paris. Upon further reflection on this past meeting, it is now clear that there is a direct correlation between geoengineering and the climate change agendas. I now believe this to be the most important time and focus of our activism.

What is clear to many of us who attended this meeting is that we are now facing a planned agenda for the largest transfer of monetary and political power in the history of our civilization. As a matter of fact, many of us who attended the meeting as activists jokingly called the meeting “Our Communist Future Under Climate Change” due to the many profound political objectives discussed. This covert and oppressive agenda is all being perpetuated in the context of arresting global climate change, which is clearly caused to a great degree by geoengineering but blamed almost entirely on anthropogenic CO2 emissions. As I will discuss in this letter, the following statement is very important and key to our efforts in getting geoengineering stopped.  It is also critical in terminating the planned fiscal and political takeover that was outlined in the Paris meetings:

The IPCC Climate Model is flawed and fraudulent due to the fact that the geoengineering practices that have been ongoing for over 60 years have not been included in the model. The stated purpose of the geoengineering programs is to “change the climate and manipulate the weather”, therefore, there can be no accurate, definitive statement made that the planet is warming, cooling or in the midst of climate change due to CO2. To make such a statement allows for the continuation of the destructive geoengineering programs, the deception surrounding them and the further misleading of the public. Supporting the global warming/climate change agenda has no benefit whatsoever to our efforts in getting geoengineering stopped and also leads us into supporting the legalization of geoengineering, as well as the worldwide transfer of wealth and power into the hands of the global elite.

During the conference, myself and other geoengineering activists had the opportunity to ask several of the world’s top climate scientists if any of the ongoing weather modification and other geoengineering programs have been included in any climate models. The answer from all who we asked was “No, geoengineering has not been included.” We also had the opportunity to interview some of the world’s leading scientists who admitted on camera that the climate models are flawed due to these and other missing components. The question we must ask, then, is how can mandates, taxes and other fiscal/political changes be justified without a consensus on climate change, especially when the basic models are missing perhaps the largest component of our changing climate, geoengineering? These and other interviews from the meeting will be included in my next film. (See the trailer here:

Because carbon is a primary element and CO2 is a integral component of life on our planet, all of us have a carbon footprint that can be measured, analyzed and controlled.  Consequently, CO2 has become the target compound/gas that will be mandated for reduction, taxed and used to implement various Agenda 21 and other global government objectives. A common theme at the meeting was that a global problem requires a global solution. That global solution is global government mandates, taxes and other forms of legislation (as well as various methods of implementation) that are alluded to in this letter.

As outlined at the meeting, government and scientific goals include the reduction of the planet’s temperature by two degrees. The stated means by which to do this is to reduce (i) the CO2 usage every individual on the planet, as well as (ii) the carbon footprint of each nation. They (governments and corporations, scientific research and academia) are planning on doing this by implementing dramatic changes in the personal lives of individuals which most likely will include the monitoring of people via smart meters, using black boxes in cars and by other means.  Some of those will measure and limit people’s CO2 usage, as well as take aggressive measures against people who go over their daily limits.

If we support this agenda, a very likely example of a future scenario is the case of leaving a light on accidentally in our home and being monetarily fined because it constitutes a violation of a mandate that forbids us to have lights on during certain periods or for specified lengths of time during the day. Other examples of mandates are occurring in those states that currently tax people based on the mileage that they drive. This legislated policy is currently being carried out in certain states such as Oregon and could, if effective, be implemented worldwide. (Click here: Other planned mandates that have been discussed include limiting where, what days and how far we drive.)

Also, because smart meters have the ability to monitor the appliances that are used in our homes and businesses, it is likely that we will be forced to upgrade our vacuum cleaners and dishwashers, dryers and wash machines as well as other appliances to newer models that are deemed by this agenda to be appropriately “green.” If this agreement is passed, they (corporations) will have a means to control specifically what we do in our own homes, including the shutting down of our power, if and when we exceed the allotted amount of energy. This planned “carbon control dictatorship” is essentially a government/corporate carbon control matrix[1] that will invade every aspect of our lives, even determining what products we use and how we use them.

GEOEGINEERING: A Major Component of Agenda 21

GEOEGINEERING: A Major Component of Agenda 21

The plan to bring a ‘world government’ to local municipalities (via Agenda 21) by way of sanctions, legal actions and other aggressive measures.

What is also concerning about this agenda is the discussion as to how to bring this global corporate/government  agenda to local governments. The term used in many of the meetings was “sustainability”, which sounds good; however, it is also the key term used to sell and soften the dictatorial and oppressive United Nations’ initiative known as Agenda 21.  This overarching agenda has clear objectives and specific goals which include the forced transfer of private lands and usurpation of property rights.  Agenda 21 also imposes the same demanding global governance objectives on local municipalities. Because of the impossibility of getting voluntary compliance at the local level, taking aggressive action toward counties and municipalities who do not conform/comply were discussed at the meeting, including the implementation of various sanctions against non-compliant entities/parties.

I was also informed during one of the implementation sessions that some foreign governments are now suing local municipalities who have refused to sign on to these burdensome global mandates. (Video footage of this will be covered in the upcoming documentary “An Unconventional Shade of Grey”) Another strategy discussed is using a global monetary fund (to be established through a massive carbon taxation regime) in order to essentially bribe developing nations with grant money to sign on to this heavy-handed agenda. As discussed in many sessions, the use of sanctions and grants are very effective tools in bringing about ‘successful’ negotiations and implementing these severe measures.  This is especially the case for those developing nations who, according to speakers at the meeting, are less likely to sign on unless given financial incentives and/or subjected to economic sanctions. Basically, we are entering an era where governments and municipalities will most likely will be forced to either accept payouts or face punishments for non-compliance.

Because the climate models are so profoundly flawed, the climate agenda is fraudulent.

If we do not address this rapidly unfolding agenda immediately, the world will soon experience the greatest transfer of financial and political power in the history of our civilization. This transformation will create massive losses and unprecedented damages to the majority of people around the world. The formation of global government according to  these agreements will most likely include the legalization of geoengineering, elimination of the right to initiate lawsuits by removing the legal standing within the respective jurisdictions (national, state, county, city).  It will also subject the whole carbon management and taxation regime to an international tribunal for adjudication purposes.


According to information which has been released through documents related to both the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), this upcoming global carbon control regime via world government will be controlled by those corporate interests that benefit from these and other damaging programs. Because the opposition (those who are implementing this global climate change legislation) is taking legal and legislative initiatives, it’s incumbent upon those of us who are aware of the environmental ravages of geoengineering to vigorously oppose these steps with countervailing legal and legislative action(s). I will soon be drafting a letter to send to our political leaders and will also continue to move forward with our class action lawsuit. Any attorney who is sympathetic to this cause is invited to support our legal team in any that works for them. (See more info at

The time is now to demand an end to all climate meetings, agreements, mandates, as well as all other attempts to form an autocratic global government. The future of humanity and fate of the planet will be determined by the outcomes associated with their NWO agenda, especially to the extent that Agenda 21 is permitted to be implemented both locally and globally.

I would like to thank all of my supporters who made my attendance at the meeting a reality, as well as thank all the other activists who attended and who brought the crucial issue of geoengineering into the discussion with great dexterity.  Again, the importance of us all addressing this highest priority issue cannot be overstated.

Thank you for your time; your past, present and future activism; and for bringing this important message to your respective audiences. As always, Keep looking up!


Michael J. Murphy
Director/Producer of “WHAT and WHY in the World are They Spraying?”

Editor’s Note

The upcoming 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference this November and December is as big as it gets. The consensual outcomes generated at that meeting will surely dictate the future of the humanity like no other international agreements in modern history. Hence, the voice of the people of this planet MUST be heard in advance.

Because of the steady intensification of Global Climate Change, as well as the systematic increase in geoengineering programs being conducted worldwide, the products of that conference are quite fraudulent and without merit. When chemtrails are sprayed relentlessly across the planet, how can the real weather patterns be properly assessed and climatological data be accurately interpreted?

What’s the point? The critical point is that we — those of us who are in the know — had better get our collective acts together … fast! Shutting down the multinational government and corporate juggernaut, that is steamrolling countries and societies everywhere, is now an existential imperative.


[1] New World Order: Where Geoengineering Meets The Global Carbon Control Matrix


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