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EPA Permits Unlimited Use of Toxic Coal Fly Ash in Chemical Geoengineering Operations

Coal Fly Ash: Main Component of Chemtrail Aerosols

EPA Rules Toxic Coal Fly Ash Non-Hazardous Waste,
Aluminum, Mercury, Lead and Arsenic Content Ignored


Systematic Use of Coal Fly Ash by Chemical Geoengineering Programs Introduces Heavy Metals, Radioactive Solids, and Aluminum into the Atmosphere

State of the Nation

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is well known for working directly with industry lawyers and lobbyists to ensure that corporate interests are served first, second and third.  Whether it’s rule-making or regulation-changing at the federal or state level, the high-paid corporate lobbyists are always the first through the EPA door. Who has not heard or read on the internet about the “Environmental Protection Racket”?

With that understanding the EPA has just committed the biggest and most transparent blunder in its history.  The profound and unparalleled transgression against the American people and environment concerns coal fly ash.  Coal fly ash is one of four types coal combustion residuals (CCRs) which are produced by industrial and power plant coal-burning. Current air pollution control standards require that it be captured prior to release by the appropriate pollution control equipment.

Fly ash is generally captured by electrostatic precipitators or other particle filtration equipment before the flue gases reach the chimneys of coal-fired power plants.[1]

That is one half of the context of the EPA’s historic violation of the public trust.  The other half concerns the fact that coal fly ash has just been identified as perhaps the largest component of the chemtrail aerosols which are sprayed worldwide by chemical geoengineering programs.  In other words the coal-burning industry is rightly required to remove the coal fly ash in order to meet pollution control standards, so that it can be sprayed right back into the atmosphere via ongoing chemtrail operations.

After a long regulatory process, the EPA published a final ruling in December 2014, which establishes that coal fly ash does not have to be classified as a hazardous waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).[1]

Because it directly concerns the air that we all breathe, that December 2014 ruling by the EPA subjects every U.S resident to dangerous and unacceptable levels of highly toxic air pollution. Not only has the EPA allowed for a perilous reclassification of coal fly ash, it has permitted the ubiquitous chemical geoengineering programs to pollute the skies and waters of the USA with chemically-mobile aluminum, as well as with mercury, lead, arsenic and various radioactive solids.


Ground-breaking, Peer-Reviewed Paper Confirms Coal Fly Ash in Chemtrails

It was the high integrity investigative research of J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D. which confirmed that the very same toxic coal fly ash captured in the smokestacks of coal-fired power plants is used to generate immense chem-cloud cover across the planet.  In his landmark, peer-reviewed, scientific research paper recently published at the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health[2] he confirmed that coal fly ash is a primary constituent used in the chemical engineering formulas which are utilized to produce chemtrails.

Massive chemtrail operations are now conducted day and night throughout the skies of the world. The chemtrails then unfailingly and quickly morph into chem-clouds.  The chemtrail operations are most commonly executed prior to forecasted rainfall, thunderstorms and other low pressure weather events.  In this way the chemical aerosols naturally undergo their predictable reactions and breakdown, and eventually fall to the Earth.

Dr. Herndon has performed rigorous test studies which have confirmed that the mix of chemical compounds used in chemtrail aerosols is almost identical to those found in coal fly ash.  As follows:

Two methods are employed: (1) Comparison of 8 elements analyzed in rainwater, leached from aerosolized particulates, with corresponding elements leached into water from coal fly ash in published laboratory experiments, and (2) Comparison of 14 elements analyzed in dust collected outdoors on a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter with corresponding elements analyzed in un-leached coal fly ash material. The results show: (1) the assemblage of elements in rainwater and in the corresponding experimental leachate are essentially identical. At a 99% confidence interval, they have identical means (T-test) and identical variances (F-test); and (2) the assemblage of elements in the HEPA dust and in the corresponding average un-leached coal fly ash are likewise essentially identical.[2]   


Chemically-Mobile Aluminum is the Real Problem with Chemtrail-Disseminated Coal Fly Ash

The critical point here is that coal fly ash is the primary ingredient of the basic chemtrail formula.  Coal fly ash contains a high percentage of aluminum oxide, one of the most prevalent chemical compounds found in coal fly ash.  It is elemental aluminum which is found in unusually high concentrations in both the water and air wherever chemical geoengineering via chemtrail operations have been conducted with regularity.

Consider the following observations about chemically mobile aluminum made by Dr. Herndon:

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 2.02.33 PM

Given the enormous volume of coal fly ash that is sprayed into the troposphere and stratosphere by chemical geoengineering programs, there is now a tremendous amount of chemically mobile aluminum that makes its way into the ambient air of human populations everywhere.  The effects of this manmade environmental catastrophe and ever-evolving public health disaster are only now beginning to be understood.

For instance the olfactory nerve of a human being is surrounded by what is essentially an attenuated blood-brain barrier.  Because of this little-known fact, the quality of the air that we breathe can have major consequences.  If we are constantly breathing aluminum-laden air, that aluminum can end up traversing the blood-brain barrier and entering the brain tissue.  Witness the explosion of those diseases which are associated with aluminum toxicity and/or poisoning, as noted by Dr. Herndon.


A true blood-brain barrier is 8 cells in thickness. The number of cells which constitute the layer around the olfactory nerve is only 4 to 5 cells thick.[3]

Animal life is also being greatly harmed by the incessant exposure to atmospheric and waterborne aluminum.  Birds, in particular, are now highly vulnerable as they fly through chem-clouds and low-hanging chemtrailed air on a regular basis.  Their delicate lungs and upper respiratory systems are being overwhelmed by all of the toxic pollutants being delivered by chemtrails.  Likewise, the land-dwelling animals are susceptible to the contaminated water and food supply as the toxicities bio-accumulate up the food chain.


So, too, is there profound and pervasive injury being inflicted on the entire plant kingdom.  Aluminum has now been shown to accumulate in the roots of plants which grow under chemtrailed skies.  The significant increase in the amount of bio-available aluminum due to rains from chem-clouds has contributed considerably to soil acidification.  The higher concentrations of aluminum are stunting the normal development of plant roots, which have in turn reduced plant growth.

This sole development, which has occurred since the beginning of chemical geoengineering utilizing coal fly ash, represents the single greatest environmental catastrophe of the modern era.  And, it is the Environmental Protection Agency that has enabled the whole misguided endeavor.  In so doing, the EPA has profoundly violated its charter by permitting the spraying of so much coal fly ash into the skies across America.


By ignoring the systematic and intentional “dumping” of so much coal fly ash into the air, onto the land and into the waters of the USA, the EPA has essentially relinquished its role as America’s environmental guardian.  The agency has, in effect, set itself up for closure, for it no longer serves the people or the environment.  On the contrary the EPA often works aggressively against the best interest of the citizenry (remember the BP Gulf oil spill and Corexit).

The terrible tragedy here is that the EPA has gone out of its way to perform in a manner that is completely contrary to its statutory mission.  They have functioned like the physician, who has taken the Hippocratic Oath to “First, Do No Harm“, and then ends up becoming a serial mass murderer … LITERALLY!

Does the EPA ever stop to consider just how many lives are being taken by the coal fly ash-driven chemtrail operations?  Do they ever wonder how much pain and suffering their lack of environmental stewardship has caused the American people?

Dr. Herndon has quite poignantly posed additional questions about this worsening public health disaster as follows:

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 3.56.40 PM

State of the Nation
August 17, 2015


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