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How to Detoxify Radioactive and Chemtrail Fallout

Radioactive Cesium and Thorium Are Known Constituents Of Chemtrails

by Susan Vaughn

In today’s world we are dealing with two kinds of fallout. Because of the continuingFukushima disaster, North America is being inundated with radioactive fallout that has already been occurring continuously since March 2011. Radioactive fallout refers to radiated heavy metals, many of which become air born only as a result of a nuclear blast. The most dangerous of these heavy metals are so tiny that they pass right through the body. These are the most dangerous.

Humanity is also being inundated with chemtrail fallout, which has both similarities and differences. Both kinds are lethal, and though they do not kill us immediately, they so pollute the body with toxins that they kill us slowly over time. Both kinds must be detoxified from the body if we are to survive and thrive as a human species. Because both kinds damage our DNA, if people of childbearing age do not detoxify, the likelihood that they will bear a child with genetic defects is very strong. Already one in every 54 boys, and one in every 252 girls being born in America today will be diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder. In 20 years these autistic children, who have very poor social skills, will become the adults who will one day run our world.

Forms of Radiation

There are many forms of radioactivity, including alpha, beta, gamma, and x-ray. Each of these designations relates to the velocity and spin of atoms, electrons, or protons and how far each can penetrate through air or dense matter. Gamma and x-ray are the most dangerous form of radiation while alpha is the least. The only difference between X-Rays and gamma rays are their source. A nuclear blast produces all three kinds of radiation simultaneously. A lesser form of radiation can transmute into a more dangerous form of radiation through its daughter products as two or more kinds of radioactive particles interact.

When radioactive particles of high energy strike atoms, it strips away an electron. The resulting positively charged atom is called an ion. This is why high energy radiation is called ionizing radiation. The release of the electron produces 33 electron volts (eV) of energy, as well as a prodigious amount of free radicals. This not only kills the cell, it heats the surrounding tissue and disrupts certain chemical bonds. This is called the Bystander Effect. Extremely high-energy radiation can even destroy the nuclei of atoms, releasing even more energy and causing more damage. The more high energy radiation one receives, the quicker the organism dies.

  • Because alpha radiation travels only a few inches and isn’t absorbed through the skin, it is only harmful if the radioactive particles are inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed through open wounds.
  • Beta radiation can travel several feet through the air. It is a light, short-range particle that is actually an ejected electron that can partially penetrate skin to the germinal layer. Like alpha radiation, it is most dangerous when swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed into open wounds. If left on the skin long enough it can cause radiation burns.
  • Gamma radiation and x rays consist of extremely fine particles that can travel many feet through the air and not only penetrate clothing and human flesh, they can pass all the way through the body and through several inches of lead.

The way radiation kills us is by burning us up from the inside out. If we don’t die instantly, we will die slowly over the next few days, weeks, months, and years as we inhale, swallow, or absorb radioactive fallout through our skin. Though we won’t usually get radiation burns from fallout unless we are near a blast, we will get plenty of free radical damage that eventually leads to cancer. The most common forms of cancer caused by radiation are thyroid cancer, breast and prostate cancer, and leukemia. Therefore, a low dose of continuous radiation is just as lethal as high energy radiation that kills us instantly. It just takes longer to do the job.

In addition, radioactive fallout concentrates up the food chain. It has a high affinity for water. Radioactive rain is instantly absorbed through the skin, so it is important to stay indoors during a rain storm if you are in an area that is being exposed to radioactive fallout. As it gets into the water supply, we not only drink it and feed it to livestock; we also spray it on our plants which take it up by the roots. Ruminants that eat radioactive grass concentrate radioactivity in their tissue. When we eat their meat, we become radioactive. It also concentrates in milk, butter, and eggs. Now that North America is being continuously radiated by fallout from Fukushima, which still spews its radioactive death into the Jet Stream, it is time for all of us to consider becoming vegans, to purify not only our drinking water, but also the water we spray on our gardens, and to filter the air coming into our homes.

Who Lives and Who Dies

The book Fukushima Meltdown & Modern Radiation: Protecting Ourselves and Our Future Generations by John Apsley, MD, tells the story of two hospitals that were within one mile of where the first nuclear bomb was dropped at Hiroshima at the end of WWII. In one hospital everyone died over the next few months and in the other most people survived, even the ones that were already sick from other diseases. In that hospital, using food that was free from radioactive fallout, the director immediately put everyone on a vegan, free-radical quenching diet that consisted of brown rice, sea vegetables that were high in iodine, land vegetables that were high in sulfur and other antioxidants, fruit, which produces a detoxification effect, and fermented foods like miso soup, tofu, and kimchi, which are full of healthy probiotics that supercharge our immune system. Their only beverage was tea and no one was allowed to eat any refined sugar. According to Dr. John Apsley each of these items quenched free radicals in unique ways.

This story tells us that it is more than possible to survive a radioactive blast. However, the difference between then and now is that the low levels of radiation we are receiving from Fukushima fallout will continue to fall upon us for the rest of our lives and for hundreds of generations to come as it moves through the jet stream. It will also continue to concentrate up the food chain and poison the water supply, making even the water coming out of our faucets poisonous to the touch and something to be avoided if possible.

The following video discusses how to survive a nuclear bomb, but it is also applicable if one is near a nuclear reactor meltdown and can’t escape before fallout arrives. Hopefully, most of us won’t ever need to deal with this, but I found it to be a very interesting video.

Continuous Radiation

Of course, we have been radiated before, not only by the Nuclear bombs dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but by the hundreds of other Nuclear bombs that have been detonated by governments (mostly the US and Russia) who wanted to “test” their wares regardless of the fact that the nuclear fallout from their tests poisoned the planet and caused cancer rates to skyrocket. There have also been radiation releases caused by nuclear power plant accidents such as Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima that have spewed tons of deadly particles into the Jet Stream to circle the globe many times over. In addition, a little known fact about nuclear power plants is that they all regularly release a small amount of radiation on a periodic basis. This is why cancer rates are always higher within a hundred mile radius of an operating nuclear power plant. Radiation from these sources have also concentrated in our food supply and poisoned our rain. Given the fact that most of us below the age of 70 have been exposed to a continuous stream of radioactive fallout since birth, we can stop wondering why one out of every three of us is destined to get cancer. The answer is obvious and has always been staring us in the face. The powers that be simply didn’t want us to notice. Now that Fukushima is continuously radiating us, the cancer rate will rise even higher in the next five years and will be worse among the young. The following video shows in accelerated time where and when all of those bombs were tested.

Chemtrail Fallout

In addition to having to deal with radioactive fallout, humans now have to deal with an onslaught of toxins coming from chemtrail fallout that is destroying the ecology of the entire planet. This fallout consists of nano-sized particles of a variety of toxins. The following list, which has been supplied by the, may vary from location to location, and is subject to change. All the items in this list are highly toxic, carcinogenic, and, by polluting the body, lead to degenerative disease including cancer and heart and lung disease.

Aluminum Oxide Particles
Bacilli and Molds
Barium Salts
Barium Titanates
Desiccated Human Red Blood Cells
Ethylene Dibromide
Enterobacter Cloacal
Human white Blood Cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA)
Methyl Aluminum
Mold Spores
Nano-Aluminum-Coated Fiberglass
Nitrogen Trifluoride
Known as CHAFF)
Polymer Fibers
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Pseudomonas Florescens
Radioactive Cesium
Radio Active Thorium
Serratia Marcscens
Sharp Titanium Shards
Sub-Micron Particles(Containing Live Biological Matter)
Unidentified Bacteria
Yellow Fungal Mycotoxins

Once released into our skies, these nano-particles drift down to earth to be inhaled by all living things, including people. It also poisons the soil, which poisons our plants and causes our forests to die. This, in turn, depletes our atmosphere of oxygen.

Who Wants Us to Die?

Who would do this to us and for what purpose? This is the question that everyone asks themselves when they learn these facts, for this is an act of madness that has the capacity to destroy all life on earth, not only by making every living thing toxic, but by creating droughts, floods, polar freezes that can be sustained over long periods of time, hurricanes, and tornadoes. As of this date, my understanding is that the mass murder of humanity is being perpetrated by a few superpowers whose governments have been infiltrated by the Global Elite. According to Dane Wigington at, those superpowers are The United States, Russia, and China. The Global Elite care nothing about humankind. In their opinion, we are nothing more than their easily manipulated slaves who are simple to corrupt with misinformation, deprivation, and abuse. Due to overpopulation and the advent of the Internet, which gives us free access to all the known information that is currently available on Planet Earth, the intelligent and uncorrupted among us have become a threat to their authority. If they can reduce our numbers and limit our knowledge to only the information they want us to have, they can control every aspect of our lives. This means that we will always remain under their control. By making us sick, we will also take lots of pharmaceutical drugs, which will increase their revenue a trillion fold.

There are many YouTube videos that discuss the Global Elite. A source that seems credible to me is Lindsey Williams, who claims to have known them personally and studied their behavior for many years. He has written several books about the Elite, and made several videos about them that are now available on YouTube. Titles include:

Secrets never told before.
How the Elite make and preserve wealth.
Derivatives – Prelude to disaster.
Insider trading that creates Super-Wealth.
Americans Financially Betrayed by Congress.
Gold and Silver wealth preservation.
The Paper currency deception.
You can survive the New World Order.
Decisions that will help you Sleep Well at Night.
Live to a ripe old age: How and where to get it.
Health Solutions.

The following video is the first among many by Lindsey Williams that you might consider watching if you want to know more about the Global Elite who are orchestrating the reality of everyone on planet earth.

Once humanity understands the who, what, and why of the Global Domination agenda, they then ask themselves what can be done about it. Because the people who are doing this to us want us to die, the Global Elite owned media won’t tell the public how to protect themselves. That answer will come from we, the people, as we put our heads together to find solutions to the problems that confront us.Because there is a lot of misinformation on the Internet, one must be very discerning when it comes to what to believe and do. Though I do a lot of research before I create a post, I can be fooled as easily as anyone else. Because I believe that our government, the pharmaceutical drug companies, allopathic medical doctors who have been trained in medical schools owned by drug companies, and also the Global Elite owned mass media are suspect, I do not tend to get my information from these sources. Rather, I gravitate toward information promoted by alternative health care professionals, doctors of Functional Medicine (MD’s) that focus on the cause of disease, Doctors of Integrative Medicine (MD’s) that have integrated nutritional, herbal and ancient medicine into their practice, or indigenous healing traditions that are thousands of years old. If this is not your bias, you will probably want to look elsewhere for information on how to heal your body, mind, and spirit.

Obviously, if we want to survive as a species with our freedom intact, the first task at hand is to educate the masses of people who haven’t yet even noticed that there is anything unusual taking place in our skies. This is complicated by the fact that chemtrails do not exist everywhere. For example, though there were a few chemtrails a day in Eureka, CA, where I used to live, I was completely unprepared for what was taking place in Hemet, CA, where I moved to do my father’s end of life care. I took the following photos from my back yard. Since I was not ignorant of what chemtrails can do to you when I moved there, you can imagine my horror when I discovered what was taking place at my new home where scenes like this are a daily occurrence.

Chemtrails over Hemet, 2013

Chemtrails over Hemet, CA, 2013

Chemtrails over Hemet, CA, 2013

We must overcome two obstacles when it comes to educating and motivating the masses to act in a logical, rational way to save themselves. The first obstacle that must be overcome is the belief that we, in America, have a benign government that would never do anything to harm us. Though this is ludicrous, that singular belief causes people to turn to the government that would enslave them for their safety and security. Because the Global Elite owns all the major media stations, as well as all the news channels, they not only lie to us aboutweather modification with abandon, they distract us with mind-numbing trivia,hoaxes, and sensationalism that further blinds people to the truth. By simply not allowing any public discussion of the problems confronting humanity on the mass media, people who don’t do their own research to discover what’s really going on are easily duped. The Global Elite brazenly manipulates us with their carefully constructed lies of pseudo terrorism, for people who are afraid are easily controlled.

Because it is imperative that humanity revolt against the sadism that the Global Elite has in store for us, the second obstacle has to do with the fact that the coming revolution is still leaderless. Unfortunately, we are like a snake without a head. A headless snake has no power to spring into action. Until those leaders emerge, there cannot be a plan of action that others can follow. Until a plan of action emerges, we are like cattle being herded into the slaughtering pen and there isn’t much any one person can do about it.

Detoxification Strategies

The good news in this horror story is that we can detoxify and protect ourselves from chemtrail fallout in the same way that we protect ourselves from radioactive fallout, for both are detoxified in exactly the same way. From here on out, when I say the word “fallout” it will refer to either kind.

To avoid dying of cancer and other degenerative disease that fallout causes over time, there are several things that one can do to physically survive. How many of these strategies you want to use will depend upon the severity of your circumstances. If you try to do all of these strategies, it will be overwhelming. Since we are not in a state of emergency yet, if you pick and choose which strategies you want to implement now, you can add more later on down the line as things get worse. That way it won’t seem so overwhelming.

  • Because both kinds of fallout poison our food supply and water, we may want to begin growing our food in greenhouses using aquaponics, hydroponics, or in the usual way in pots or beds. Since sprouts are high in protein, they can also be grown indoors and used as a food source. By fermenting the sprouts, they become supercharged with probiotics and their nutrient content increases. If food is grown outdoors, all food must be cleansed in a baking soda and/or bentonite clay bath consisting of 2 tablespoons of baking soda and/or ¼ cup of bentonite clay in a small tub of water for at least ten minutes to neutralize fallout. If possible, buy a Geiger counter to detect radioactivity on one’s food source. Avoid food that is radioactive altogether.

Fermenting sprouts is simple. Soak sprouting seeds by covering them in a good amount of quality water overnight. Alkaline water infused with ¼ teaspoon of glacial rock dust is the best. The next day separate the seeds and water. The uncovered water is put aside for two days to ferment. Once fermented it now becomes a form of rejuvelac, which is full of vitamins B, C, and E, as well as live enzymes and the acidophilus bacteria used in the process of fermentation. Meanwhile the seeds are put in a jar or nut milk bag and allowed to sprout. Be sure to rinse them with water several times a day. After two days reunite the sprouted seeds with a small amount of rejuvelac. Use spices of choice to enhance flavor. I use lemon pepper and cumin but you can add garlic and Italian seasoning or adapt other salad dressing recipes to your liking. Many spices are extremely high in antioxidants and contain special anti-cancerous properties. Then blend in the blender. The resulting mixture should look like a thick paste. Let ferment on the counter one more day. This can become a sauce over vegetables, as salad dressing, or, if left unspiced, put in a smoothie or bowl of oatmeal. Never heat your fermented sprouts as that will destroy the probiotics.

  • We must then filter out all radioactivity from the water we drink, bathe in, and use on our plants. One way to do this is by using an alkaline water reverse osmosis water purifier water filter, which filters out 99% of all contaminants. Regular reverse osmosis filters produce acidic water and therefore isn’t healthy to drink. In my opinion, the best water to drink, however, comes from a deep, underground spring. You may be able to find one Because we should filter all of our water, one might consider a whole house water filter. The other alternative is to buy a zeolite shower filter, which will remove chlorine, fluoride, and other toxins and heavy metals, including the radioactive kind from the water we shower in. There are many brands on the market so it pays to shop around. One quarter teaspoon of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) will detoxify the tub of chlorine and fluoride. One cup of baking soda in the tub will detoxify the water of radioactive compounds. Zeolite granules sprinkled on the garden detoxifies plants. Adding washing soda to the washing machine will detoxify laundry.

Regardless of advertiser claims, because we don’t really know the quality of bottled water, I believe it is a poor choice. A Geiger counter can determine the radioactivity in water, but not whether it has other non-radiated contaminants, such as pharmaceutical drugs and other contaminants from chemtrails. As drought worsens, it may also be a good idea to begin storing as much water as possible before it stops coming out of our faucets.

  • As chemtrail fallout worsens, we might also want to filter the air in our dwellings to create a safe zone for breathing. Because radioactive fallout moves only in straight lines, creating an entrance that has corners and turns is all that is needed to prevent radioactive fallout from entering our homes as long as all the other pathways are blocked. In times of heavy fallout, I believe that it is also a good idea to minimize our outdoor activities, as well as take off our shoes before entering our homes so that we don’t bring fallout in with us. If radioactive fallout is really bad, it may also be a good idea to remove one’s clothes before entering your home and sticking them directly into the washing machine.

In addition, there are some natural plants that filter and oxygenate air. TheAreca Palm breathes in carbon dioxide and breathes out oxygen during the day. It will take 4, shoulder high plants to oxygenate a large room that 4 people inhabit. Night air can be oxygenated with 6-8 Snake plants (per Person). To filter out toxic vapors like volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), the Pothos plant does a good job of absorbing them. You will need 3 plants per person that are 18 inches high.


Pothos plant


  • We must eat a free-radical quenching, detoxifying diet that will remove radioactive particles and chemtrail fallout from our bodies as quickly as they enter us.
  • We must practice good detoxification techniques on a daily basis and make them into routines that are as habitual as brushing our teeth.

Humanity must also begin the process of cleaning up the mess the Global Elite has made of our environment by neutralizing harmful electromagnetic energy from Smart Meters and cell phone towers, etc., which are killing bees, harming the physical body, and deteriorating human consciousness. We can do this by:

  • detoxifying the planet of fallout.
  • shifting weather patterns back to normal.

There are many products on the market that neutralize electromagnetic energy by shifting the wave pattern into something more positive. See my previous postPollution Solution at for ideas.

We can change the weather from negative to positive by placing orgonite cloudbusters and orgonite pyramids or muffins in strategic locations in every city and town in the world, as well as in all bodies of water. Orgonite comes from the word orgone, which is also known as prana, chi, ether, or zero point energy, among others. The word orgonite was coined by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930’s. He discovered, like so many ancients before him, that there is a free floating energy that exists both within and all around us that can be organized in a positive or negative way. When it is organized positively, it produces a state of health and well being, and when it is organized negatively, it produces ill health and disease.

Chemtrails and HAARP negatively affect orgone energy. By massively polluting the planet with toxic materials and then bombarding those toxic materials with the intense electromagnetic waves coming from HAARP, the Global Elite is controlling our weather according to their whim and pleasure. This is what is ultimately causing the destruction of all ecosystems on the planet that could extinguish all life on earth. Because these toxic materials are also inside of our bodies, which are also being bombarded with harmful electromagnetic waves, the orgone energy inside of us is becoming more and more disorganized no matter how conscious and positive we are. This will ultimately cause our bodies to break down. We will experience this breakdown as accelerated aging and degenerative disease that occurs at a younger and younger age, as well as multiple miscellaneous symptoms such as fatigue, muscle aches, ringing in the ears, and headaches, etc. As cancer is now the leading cause of death in children after accidents of all kinds, and because many infants are now being born with it, this is already happening to the most innocent and defenseless among us.

Orgonite is a product that is made from metal filings, crystals, and resin that organizes orgone energy into its positive polarity. It is not difficult to make; nor is it exorbitantly expensive. However, in order to save the planet, we need a massive amount of orgonite cones or muffins that will be voluntarily made by thousands of people at their own expense all over the world. This has been done already in Africa, where thousands upon thousands of orgonite cones, muffins, and cloud busters have already been made and disseminated. Please see the following video for details.

To actually end the problems that the Global Elite have created, we must become proactive at putting a stop to their activities. This means that we must:

  • no longer empower the Global Elite with our dollars. Therefore, we must stop purchasing their goods, services, food, seeds, or pharmaceuticals and find other ways to get our needs met by implementing a new economy of sharing and equity. We are a people of many strengths and talents. I believe that, if we choose to, humanity has the consciousness to rewrite our economic script and change the way we serve, heal, and do business with one another.
  • find and try the people behind these crimes in a court of law. How one catches and convicts the fabulously wealthy who have infiltrated into our government that has legalized its own crimes against humanity is not a subject that I feel qualified to comment on, but it certainly seems like it is one that must be done.

In order to do all these things it will take great personal power, which means that only an evolved spiritual consciousness will have the self-discipline and perseverance to do it. That is why the coming revolution must be a spiritual one full of quiet resolve and self-determination, and not one that is fought with weapons, for I believe that those who resort to violence will surely die. Because the Global Elite has all the money, all the power, and all the technology to do whatever they please to us despite our protest, humanity must defend itself by sticking together, sharing information, and finding alternative ways to solve our problems. Because so many people have reduced circumstances due to the economic crunch that has been perpetrated by the Global Elite, making a profit in order to get ahead at another’s expense can no longer be the motivation for sharing one’s knowledge, goods, and services. Rather, saving the planet has to be one’s driving force, for most people simply no longer have the money to buy a lot of expensive stuff.

Diet and Detoxification

The rest of this post will focus on the diet and detoxification strategies that are of vital importance if humanity is to survive.

The first action to be taken is to implement a diet that will both quench free radicals and detoxify the body at the same time. A diet that does this is:

  • organic and free from all pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fallout.
  • It must be full of antioxidants and, when possible, sulfur-rich vegetablesthat produce glutathione, the bodies main detoxifier.
  • It will be alkaline forming, which means it is low in animal protein and free from all refined sugars, food additives, and anti-nutrients.
  • Because radiation concentrates in animal products, which are difficult to decontaminate, a vegan diet seems to be the best choice for protecting oneself against radiation. John Apsley says in his book Fukushima Meltdown and Modern Radiation that if one desires to continue to eat eggs, one can attempt to decontaminate them by stirring ¼ teaspoon of bentonite clay into them before scrambling.
  • Unless one’s food is grown indoors where the air is filtered through a 20x20x1 air conditioner filter, food may even need to be imported from areas that aren’t troubled by radioactive fallout. Short of that, all produce should be soaked in a tub of water that contains either 2 tablespoons of baking soda, or ¼ cup of bentonite clay or zeolite clay for ten to twenty minutes before processing and eating.
  • It must be rich in homemade fermented foods that restore probiotics in the gut. This not only heals the gut, it supercharges our immune system. SeeBowel and Body Detox with Bentonite Clay for more details.
  • Because we will need a lot of high quality iodine in our diets, we will need to eat sea vegetables harvested from oceans that haven’t yet been contaminated with radiation. When added to fermenting cabbage or other vegetables, these sea vegetables can also be fermented to give them an extra boost.
  • Because they are so acidic and insulin raising, all refined sugars must be avoided, as well as honey made from bees that dine on radioactive nectar, for radiation will concentrate there.
  • Because toxic heavy metals displace minerals, the more high quality mineral-rich food one has in their diet, the better. More on this topic later.
  • A great way to get all the minerals and antioxidants one needs is to juice raw organic vegetables, being conservative with the vegetables that have a high sugar content like carrots and beets. One can also make fermented fruit nutrient dense smoothies that contain supplements like glutathione-producing high quality, organic whey, spirulina, Blue Green Algae, chlorophyll, chlorella, cilantro, probiotics, and concentrated greens like those found in Green Vibrance, or concentrated fruits like those found in Rainbow Vibrance, which supply copious amounts of bioavailable antioxidants.
  • Water should be structured alkaline water. Alkaline water has a lot more minerals and antioxidants in it than regular water does. Plus it removes acids from the body, which makes the entire body more alkaline. Structured water is in a form that allows the water to actually absorb into our cells. Because alkaline water ionizers are expensive check out this less expensive model I found at Amazon.

In addition there is some proof that magnetized water removes the polymer fibers that exist in chemtrails. These fibers are one of the causes of Morgellon’s disease. Magnetized water is simple to make once you have the tools to do so. To learn more about this fascinating topic, listen to John Milewski’s interview. Dr. John Milewski is primarily known for his work with magnetite and his protocols for magnetizing water. He is an internationally-recognized leader and consultant in the field of advanced materials.

  • Your diet should also include copious amounts of either bentonite or zeolite clay water, as much as 8 tablespoons in divided doses per day. It is especially good to drink clay water after having eaten a radiation contaminated meal. These clays will not only detoxify both regular and radiated heavy metals, but many chemical contaminants as well. As always, start low and build slow until you reach the right dose for you. See Bowel and Body Detox with Bentonite Clay for more details.
  • For additional information on food preparation techniques to maximize detoxification, see Dr. Apsley suggestion on how to regenerate the body after radiotherapy.

This kind of diet will not only provide us with all the nutrients we need for survival, it will also help us eradicate free radicals. Since both radioactive fallout and heavy metals produce prodigious amounts of free radicals, both of which lead to cancer, premature ageing, and degenerative disease, eating an antioxidant- rich diet is supremely important if we are to survive.

The Importance of Minerals

It is important to understand that heavy metals don’t voluntarily vacate the body just because we eat a healthy diet. There are two reasons for this. The first is that the body cannot tell the difference between heavy metals and the minerals the body needs to survive. That is because the two are similar in chemical structure. The second reason has to do with the fact that our soils are low in minerals. Non-organic food grown in commercial fertilizer is never augmented with minerals. That’s because commercial nitrogen-rich fertilizer produce plants that look good on the outside, but are mineral-poor on the inside. Unfortunately, people who have grown up on mineral-poor food have mineral deficient bodies. When you couple that fact with the abundance of heavy metals that we are now inhaling on a daily basis due to chemtrail and radioactive fallout, you can begin to understand that, for the most part and for most people, heavy metals have now replaced minerals in our diets.

Minerals are like co-enzymes. They literally do thousands of things in the body. Heavy metals, especially the radioactive kind, are like miniature death traps. They derange every cell they come into contact with. These deranged cells become food for parasites and other pathogens, which is why we have an epidemic of Lyme disease and other co-occurring infections. Because heavy metals bind to the receptor sites for minerals, without adequate minerals, which, in and of themselves are chelators, we simply cannot get rid of them. Therefore, people who are trying to protect themselves from fallout must supplement their diets with high quality multi-mineral supplements that are easily absorbed by the body. Unfortunately, many mineral supplements are not in a form that can easily be absorbed. All processed foods that are supposedly enriched with minerals are actually harmful to the body for the minerals that enrich them are of the poorest quality that the body simply can’t assimilate.

It is possible to remineralize the body using glacial rock dust. Plants grown in soil that contains glacial rock dust are higher in minerals than plants grown in unfertilized soil. Remineralization neutralizes the pH, creating a buffer so that heavy metals are not taken up by the plants and trees. It also does the same thing within our bodies. During times of fallout, this is extremely important. When we eat these mineral-rich plants, we get remineralized. Though I have no experience with this myself, according to the blog Remineralize the Earth, we can also eat a tiny amount of glacial rock dust ourselves for the same purpose. See Remineralize.orgfor more information.

The mineral supplements I use are Eniva angstrom size Cell Ready Minerals,VIBE, and Magnesium. Thyroid Care from Eniva is also a good option for making sure your Thyroid has plenty of the minerals it needs to thrive. Trace minerals and liquid electrolyte minerals are also good choices. Angstrom size minerals are a thousand times smaller than colloidal minerals. Therefore, they are absorbed directly into the blood stream and do not need digesting. This means that they are almost completely absorbed. One should always take minerals after sweat producing exercise or after taking a sauna to replenish what one sweats out. Looking for a sauna? Matt reviews infrared saunas top to bottom over at The angstrom sized Eniva minerals are 99.99% bioavailable. I have taken them daily for several years now, and won’t leave home without them. They are so effective they are like medicine to me. Without them I get leg cramps, constipation, and poor quality sleep. When I take them regularly I have no symptoms at all.

Additional Supplementation

Besides antioxidants (A,E,C, and Selenium) and multiple minerals, other supplements one may consider taking to rid the body of fallout are standardized milk thistle extract, potassium iodide, green tea (without lemon, which increases aluminum absorption from the tea leaves), Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Carnosine, krill oil, omega 3 oil, borage oil (high in GLA), organic pectin, activated charcoal, fermented whole grain sprout powder, EDTA, magnesium malate plus silica (rids the body of aluminum from chemtrails), glucosamine sulfate, beta glucan, garlic extract, N-Acetyl-Cystine (NAC), melatonin, CoQ10(H), White Willow Bark Complex, resveratrol, and R alpha lipoic acid. Good quality organic whey is also an excellent supplement as it promotes glutathione production in the body.

In cases of severe exposure to radioactive fallout, one can take an intravenous baking soda solution that must be administered by a doctor. This should only be done if one knows they have been exposed to uranium or plutonium. Because one cannot taste, feel, smell, see, or hear radiation except with a Geiger counter, they will only know if they are being radiated by these elements if they are near a nuclear bomb explosion or a power plant melt down when they occur. In addition, our government stopped monitoring radiation levels in America shortly after the Fukushima accident. Since they are withholding information from us about the horrendous amounts of radiation we are being exposed to on a daily basis 24/7, the media won’t alert us to the fact that we must instigate protective measures if we are to save ourselves from the inevitable cancer that will result a few years after chronic exposure.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is excellent for reviving and repairing DNA and RNA. This includes taking hot baths in Epsom salt , sea salt, bentonite clay, zeolite clay, baking soda or a combination of several of these things. Saunas are also great. I use a portable sauna for this purpose. Before getting into it, I rub a thin layer of hydrated bentonite clay all over my body. The bentonite clay draws out the toxins, while the Far Infrared heat waves activate and mobilize them from deep within my body. Afterwards I shower in a shower that has a zeolite filter on it. This filter takes out chlorine and fluoride, as well as any radioactive particles that may have infiltrated the water supply. After drying off I immediately put my drying towel, as well as the towels I used to sit on in the sauna, into the washing machine, as they will have residues of heavy metals on them. Into the washing machine goes washing soda, baking soda to further neutralize toxins. When taken at the same time as heat therapy, antioxidants, curcumin, Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Carnosine support DNA and RNA repair. Because heat therapy causes one to sweat, always follow a bath or sauna by drinking lots of water, a multi-mineral supplement,electrolytes, or a fortified smoothie.

Oxygen Detoxifies Fallout

Another consideration when it comes to fallout is the need for adequate amounts of oxygen. Oxygen not only buffers acids, it also neutralizes radiation. Not only does oxygen provide us with the energy required to live our lives, it also regenerates our genetic core when suffering from free radical damage. We receive oxygen through our lungs and skin. Once oxygen infiltrates the blood, it is delivered to our cells where it oxygenates the mitochondria. The mitochondria are where most of the body’s energy is produced. People who are chronically fatigued generally have an impairment within their mitochondria that keeps the body from being fully energized.

If one feels energy-starved, there are several supplements that improve cellular oxygenation. These supplements are chlorophyll-rich green foods, green tea, resveratrol, R alpha lipoic acid (which increases the total number of mitochondria), and iodine from sea vegetables (which improves thyroid function). Adequate thyroid secretions are essential for maximal cellular oxygenation. Since ionizing radiation destroys mitochondria, R alpha lipoic acid is extremely important when it comes to regenerating the mitochondria. Exercise and calorie restriction also play a part in regenerating mitochondria.

Other methods for fully oxygenating the body are deep breathing Yoga exercises, aerobic exercise, interval training, EWOT therapy (my favorite), hydrogen peroxide baths and foot soaks, far infrared heat therapy with oxygen for short durations, and taking nutrients such as Vitamin B Complex, CoQ10(H), vinpocetin, Ginko Biloba, and phosphatidylserine are all good.

EWOT stands for Exercise With Oxygen Therapy. In this form of therapy one breathes oxygen through a mask while doing aerobic exercise. This not only cleanses the lungs of toxic fallout that we have inhaled, it oxygenates the entire body for up to three days. Because aerobic exercise causes us to breathe deeply, it is highly energizing. One needs to purchase an oxygen concentrator and specially designed face mask to do it. Used oxygen compactors can be purchased on the web. Though this form of oxygenation is considerably more expensive than Yoga Breathing, which is free, in my opinion it is far superior. I oxygenate with LiveO2while rebounding on a small trampoline. Rebounding is the greatest way to circulate the lymph, which delivers toxins into the organs of elimination for release.


Because grounding produces negative electrons, it is important to also incorporate grounding strategies into one’s lifestyle. Because all toxins are positively charged, negatively charged electrons attract and neutralize them. One can buy special sheets to sleep on which ground the body and fill it with negative electrons. Though this doesn’t work on carpet or wood floors, simply walking bare foot on the earth also brings a negative charge into the body. Black tourmaline worn as a bracelet also produces negative electrons. In fact, there are many devices that one can either wear on one’s body or put on, or around cell phone and cell phone towers to neutralize the electromagnetic energy. There is even a low EMF radiation cordless DECT phone that you can purchase if you still use a land line. This subject is vast. I have written about it extensively in my postPollution Solution at

The only thing that chemtrail fallout and radioactive fallout have in common are the heavy metals. In addition to heavy metals, chemtrails have many more toxic compounds within them that are of concern to human health. In fact, I believe that they are a form of biological warfare. As such, humans must use all the traditional detoxification strategies, some of which have been in use for centuries, to cleanse themselves on a daily basis, especially if they live in a high chemtrail spray area like I do. The following videos are by a naturopathic physician named Judy Seeger who teaches all of them in a clear, straight forward manner that anyone who is serious about maintaining their health can do at home.

A Positive Attitude

In addition to these life-saving strategies for detoxifying the body, one must also maintain a positive attitude, pray, laugh, and take life lightly. We are all going to die eventually. Those who have made peace with this fact can look death in the face without flinching. Though there are things that we must do to maintain our health, I believe that the moment of our death was preplanned before we were born. When it is our time to die we will die and not one minute sooner. This philosophy allows me to calm down and know that my life is in the hands of a higher power. Ultimately, there is nothing to fear. Although it is important to detoxify and rejuvenate on a daily basis, it is also important to have fun, dance, sing, relax, enjoy our hobbies, spend time with friends, and enjoy life. Having and implementing regular detoxification strategies is no different than brushing your teeth on a daily basis to prevent cavities, or looking both ways before one crosses the street. Once they become part of one’s daily routine, they no longer seem like a hassle. Unfortunately, we live in extreme times in which we must implement extreme measures if we are to live happy, healthy lives.

There is actually a positive way to look at the Global Domination Agenda, which has to do with survival of the fittest. In essence, only people who are intelligent enough, wise enough, and have good enough detoxification genes are going to survive. It seems to me that WW III will reduce the population to a manageable level and the one’s who are left will be the best of the best.

My Strategy

My strategy is quite simple. My day starts by taking some healing antimicrobial herbs that kill candida and parasites, a few supplements related to detoxification including EDTA in water, and then I either take a 45 minute clay and infrared sauna or sit in a detox bath. Before I get into my warm the sauna I rub a thin layer of prehydrated clay all over my body. Heat and clay are very effective ways of drawing out toxins. Mid-morning I take two to four tablespoons of food-grade sodium or calcium bentonite clay in a nutrient dense smoothie fortified with Eniva liquid minerals. The clay goes in just a half cup of the liquid, which I chase with the rest of the smoothie, half of which is reserved for use at the end of the day when I do the same routine again. I also take one tablespoon of zeolite clay in water at some time during the day. Zeolite acts through cation exchange and has a very different mechanism of action than bentonite. It is also an excellent detoxifier. I end my day with more herbs, supplements, and EDTA. Except for the time it takes to do the sauna or bath, the rest of the time spent on detoxification is minimal.

Sometime during the day I also try to get in 20 minutes of EWOT therapy, as well as 20 minutes of stretching and weight lifting, but I was doing that years before I ever worried about fallout. I used to love to walk outdoors, but now that the skies where I live are continuously filled with chemtrails, my afternoon walks no longer seem healthy to me.

My meals are low in protein and quite simple. I eat a lot of homemade fermented foods, including sauerkraut, salsa, and fermented sprouts that I incorporate into a salad full of fresh greens I pick from my garden. Iuse a probiotic-rich nut cheese dressing on it that is delicious. Recipes for these fermented foods are included on my Bowel and Body Detox post at I also incorporate nutrient dense probiotic-rich smoothies into my daily routine.

Though this is a lot of self-care, at the age of 62 I must admit that I feel great, have an abundance of energy, and generally sleep eight hours a night without waking. I believe that my good health has been earned through consistent effort over many years. I am far healthier now than in my younger days when I had chronic symptoms of food sensitivities, Lyme disease, and migraine headaches.

My Credentials

Please know that I am not a health care provider and that I am not qualified to guide you on your healing journey. Rather, I am a psychotherapist who has researched self-healing strategies for 40 years. As allopathic physicians know very little about detoxification, I believe that you must become your own physician by doing your own research as I have if you desire to heal yourself. I have reported to you the results of my research. Everything that I have discussed on this page is strategies that I, myself, have used to improve my health. I hope that if you try them out they will improve yours as well. As always, become your own physician and do what is best for you. These are only suggestions, not directions.

When it comes to detoxification, do not expect overnight miracles, especially if you are very sick. Choose just a few of these strategies that are easily integrated into your daily routine. As time goes on implement more of them. Do not forget food grade bentonite clay, for it is an essential element of detoxification. You can learn more about it on my blog post Bowel and Body Detox with Bentonite Clay Be patient and consistent in your approach and you will heal slowly over time. Read everything on my blog in the detoxification section as well as my website The information you will find there is invaluable.

For more information on specific supplements and doses for mild, moderate, and high levels of exposure to radiation, and also for specific dosages for children, medium size teenagers and adults and large adults, see Doctor John Apsley’s book Fukushima Meltdown & Modern Radiation: Protecting Ourselves and Our Future Generations, which is available at Amazon.

As I am an Amazon affiliate, I have linked you to several times. If you buy something from my link, I will get a very small commission. This is a small way that you can thank me for the research I’ve presented here. I love shopping at Amazon because I usually get an instant price comparison. Not only can you buy inexpensive Kindle books, you can buy many books used, and also get lots of alternative suggestions for even better purchases.

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